World Series Workout

I don't know about you, but I'm PSYCHED for this years WORLD SERIES! My Mets are finally in it after 15 years! I was 10 the last time we made it into the World Series, and the last time they won it? Well, I wasn't even born yet! So, needless to say, I'm a excited for the first game tonight! You can bet that I'll be glued to my TV the entire night. I thought what better way to get our butts off of the couch and burn some calories, than a WORLD SERIES WORKOUT, though I'm sure the game will keep our heart rates up quite high tonight. 

Below you'll find my Get Fit with Kristyn World Series cardio workout designed just for you to follow while you watch Game 1 of the World Series - NY Mets v. KC Royals. I want you to enjoy the game, but I also want you to feel the excitement along with me, even if you're not a fan of either of those teams! Get off your couch, follow the game, and do each exercise move as it happens in the game. Each move will get your heart rate up, your muscles to cry out for a break, and will cause you to sweat! 

Feel free to repost this and share it with your friends so every one can follow along! 

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