Recipe: Chocolate PB Banana Protein Shake

Trick or Treat! Halloween is this weekend! 

Last week I shared with you a green protein shake, and now, in the Halloween spirit, I'm treating you with a chocolate protein shake recipe that it to die for. Okay, not literally, but you can play dead if you want to trick your friends, and then share this treat with them! 

I'm not a fan of candy, but chocolate is a completely different story. I'm sure it's tough for some of you to walk into a grocery store and see the bags, and bags of halloween candy and chocolate, and not want to buy the entire shelf... for the kids right? Righttttt... So instead of eating candy, and chocolate, all of which doesn't do such great things to our bodies aside from a quick sugar rush, and moment of happiness, why don't we try to incorporate chocolate into our protein shakes! This way, we're getting nutrients, and that chocolatey taste that we all love so much. It's the perfect way to refuel, and curb those sweet cravings. 

Now, I'm not saying never have another piece of chocolate or candy in your life, because that's not realistic. We're going to have days or nights when all we want is a piece of candy, and it's completely okay to give into your cravings every once in awhile, but we can still try to make healthier choices and incorporate chocolate in other ways. 

Below you'll find the recipe for my Chocolate PB Banana Protein Shake, which I love to have after a great workout! It leaves me feeling full and completely satisfies my sweet tooth! 

Feel free to share this treat with your friends, family, and trick or treaters!

What's another healthier way to incorporate chocolate into your meals and satisfy your cravings?

Use the hashtag #getfitwithkristyn so I can see your tasty treat!