Top 5 Ways To Motivate Yourself

Sometimes I find myself barely getting up in the morning with enough time to brush my hair before work, so working out on mornings like this are damn near impossible. Some days it's your body saying "I need a break! I need sleep to recover!" and you need to listen to your body, but other days it's your mind saying, "I don't feel like it," "I'm lazy," "What's the point if I don't see any progress or results?" I'm telling you right now, you have to kick those thoughts to the curb. It's not easy, I get that, and some days, I'm right there with you... because it's so much easier to lay around on the couch, than it is to get up off of it to workout. 

Here are my top 5 Ways To Motivate Yourself to Workout:

1. Remember How It Felt

... when you completed that SWEATY, KILLER workout that made you feel strong and confident. A great way to do this is by writing down either in a journal, planner, or social media post, how great you felt right after your workout. It will help you on those days when you can't muster up the energy get up and get moving! 

2. Fuel Your Body

.... with protein and carbs. The combination will help provide your body with energy that will help fuel you for your workout, and provide nutrients to help your muscles repair afterwards. Always try to eat a pre-workout snack about an hour before your workout. Bananas are one of my favorite ways to fuel my workout. Sometimes you just need an energy boost before your workout! 

3. Grab a Workout Partner

... so you can both motivate each other! I'm a competitive person so I'm going to push myself just as hard if not harder than my partner. This works especially well on days when you need an extra dose of encouragement! Just don't ask a friend who you know will be completely okay with skipping the workout and going to grab food instead ! 

4. Plan A Fun Workout

... there's nothing less motivating than having to do the same old workout, at the same old gym. Try a new workout, or one that you know you'll have more fun doing... whether it's taking a new group fitness class, popping in a different workout dvd, or making up your own workout with moves that you love doing! 

5. Ask for Encouragement

... Sometimes asking for words of encouragement could be the push you need to get those workout clothes on and GO! Friends and family are great at encouraging us to succeed, so why not reach out to someone you know who supports you when you need some extra motivation! I have a couple of people myself that I know I can reach out to, and I know they will tell me exactly what I need to hear to get the job done! 

Try these tips above, and let me know if any of them work!

Remember, you are capable of more than you think you are. You can do this. I may not even know you, but I know you can. Prove to yourself that you're a strong person and you can reach your goals, all it takes it one step at a time. NOW, GET FIT

What are some other ways you get yourself motivated to get moving and have a killer workout?