If you're subscribed to Get Fit weekly, you were one of the first people to find out about a challenge, exclusively for YOU! See the benefits of subscribing - get fit, not spam! I send an email out every week or so, giving you a workout, recipe, or just a healthy tip! I'm excited to share the big announcement on my blog! The holidays are always difficult for anyone trying to stay healthy. You either find yourself with no time to workout, between work, shopping for presents, planning parties, attending parties, etc... OR you indulge in food that probably isn't so good for you, multiple days of the week because of all the treats at work, the parties you're attending, and the parties you're hosting!


I will be hosting HIITSGIVING here at Get Fit with Kristyn! HIITSGIVING is a FREE week long challenge to help push you through Thanksgiving. It starts this Sunday, November 22nd, and ends on Sunday, November 29th, and will feature a HIIT workout every single day to get done, that should take you under 10 minutes to complete! How great is that? I know people are short on time, especially during the holidays, so I want to make it easier for you to get your workout in and feel accomplished. There's absolutely no excuse as to why you can't get it done! On Thanksgiving, I'll provide you with a fun football workout, as well as a HIIT! I want you to be able to get your workout done, and then enjoy your day with family and friends! I'll also be sharing easy, healthy recipes each day! 

If you're already subscribed to Get Fit weekly, you'll be the first to receive the challenges directly in your mailbox, but I will also be posting it here on this blog, as well as reminding you on social media!

Feel free to share the image below with your friends, family, and social media followers! I want everyone involved! It's going to be a blast and we're going to do this together! 

In the meantime, keep going strong with your workouts, and healthy eating! Not sure what to do for a workout today? Try my Great Pumpkin workout, and if you don't have a pumpkin, grab a medicine ball or kettle bell, and aim for completing the workout 3x! 

Get ready! Get excited! Get FIT!