Happy HIITSGIVING everyone! Thank you for joining me for my first challenge on Get Fit with Kristyn, just in time for the holidays! Beginning today, and for the next 7 days, you're going to follow along with the HIIT challenges posted here, make new healthy recipes, and learn a thing or two about leading a healthy lifestyle. And since it is Thanksgiving week, and the season of giving is upon us, you might also win a giveaway! 

I'm kicking off our HIITSGIVING with a HIIT jam packed with my favorite moves - yup, if you've taken my kickboxing classes, you know... BURPEES and JUMP TUCKS

HIIT = High Intensity Interval Training; a workout that alternates between intense bursts of activity and fixed periods of less intense activity, or rest. 

HIIT is one of my favorite ways to workout, aside from kickboxing because it's so beneficial for our bodies! You may not know this but completing a HIIT can change the shape of your body (for the BETTER), make you stronger, and burn fat in the shortest amount of time! It's such an efficient workout. I know that we're all short on time, whether we have school, work, kids, a partner, traveling, chores, etc, but we need to make time for ourselves, including taking care of our bodies. There's no excuse when it comes to a two minute workout! Everyone has two minutes, even if it's just before you jump into the shower! After you complete your HIIT, you'll be glowing, and burning calories ALL DAY - for the next 24 hours - how great is that? Knowing your body is still working for you throughout your long day. Your metabolism will increase, you'll burn fat, and gain muscle! I mean seriously, is there any better workout that does ALL OF THAT!

Guess what's even better about HIITSGIVING... NO EQUIPMENT NECESSARY! All you need is your bodyweight, a timer (or a really good count in your head), and a water bottle to stay hydrated! I love using the GYMBOSS app, I even use it during my strength circuits! You can do these HIITs ANYWHERE. I chose my living room, but if it's nice where you live, head outside! Grab a partner and have a competition to see who can do the most reps in 30 seconds! Make it fun and challenging for yourself! 

Each HIIT is 2 minutes long, and you'll complete each move for 30 seconds, and complete the HIIT 3x. In between each set, you can take a 30 second rest, OR hold a plank to really challenge yourself! Each move can be modified, but try not to take breaks during the HIIT, as you want to push your body to the max to really benefit from the HIIT. With the 30 second rest/plank in between each HIIT, this workout should take you no more than 7 1/2 minutes! Believe me, you will be sweating! 

BEFORE YOU CLICK PLAY - think of something you're thankful for, and dedicate your workout to that. It's amazing how much more you'll push yourself, knowing it's for something or someone! 

When you finish your workout, I want to see a sweaty selfie on social media! Best one wins this awesome giveaway below - MY FAVORITE LARABARS & TEA = perfect dessert on a cold winter night!

Use the #HIITSGIVING + #GetFitwithKristyn so you can hold yourself accountable, I can check in on you, and to be entered in to win today's giveaway! You can also tag me in any of the social media links below! 

When you're done, get to meal prepping for at least part of your work week! Not only does it set you up for a week of success, but it will make your mornings less stressful, and you'll have more time for other things in the morning... like your 7 1/2 minute workout! Below you'll find an overnight oats recipe - make as many as you want for an easy breakfast this week! Feel free to tag me in your pictures and use the hashtags above when you make it! 

Enjoy your Sunday and get ready for Day 2 of HIITSGIVING tomorrow!