Feeling sore yet? I know I am! You might too if you haven't worked out in awhile, or you haven't worked out a specific body part, just as hard as we have been working out! It's a good thing! I don't know about you, but I love being sore. It's my body's way of telling me that my muscles have worked hard and now they're growing and recovering! It's super important to refuel after a workout, regardless of how long you've worked out for. My favorite way is with a protein shake because it's quick, and get the job done. Check back to my post all about the benefits of protein. The main benefit is that it helps our muscles recover. Try the protein shake recipe below, using your favorite protein powder, and head to the islands away from this cold weather!

Make it, stick it in the fridge, and get your killer ab HIIT done! It's so important to work your core. Not only does core work help your abs pop out, but it also helps with balance and posture. I know we're bundled up in the winter, but that's no excuse not to have some abs! 

Before getting to the ground and completing your workout, I ask that you, once again, think of something to be thankful for, and dedicate your workout to that. It's so easy to forget all that we have been given in life - good health, strong support system, love, a warm house and fridge full of food - but we cannot ever be ungrateful. 

Follow the workout 3x through. Complete each move for 30 seconds before moving on to the next! Rest or hold a plank, for even more core work, for 30 seconds in between each HIIT! 

When you complete your workout, post on social media so I can hold you accountable! Use the hashtags #HIITSGIVING and #GetFitwithKristyn so I can check in and follow along! You've made it through yet another HIIT! Don't you feel yourself getting stronger? These workouts are so short, but so beneficial!

T-minus two days until Turkey Day! Work hard now and it'll pay off later! Get ready for the ultimate Hump Day HIIT tomorrow!