YOU DID IT! You made it to the end of HIITSGIVING and for that you should be so proud! You took the time out of your busy schedules, FOR YOU! Maybe you just started working out, or you completed these challenging HIITs in addition to your gym workouts, either way you've pushed yourself to new levels! You may not even have been that confident in yourself going into this, but you've gone above and beyond by completing these HIITs each and every day! I'm proud of you, and I want to say thank you for joining my first challenge! There will be plenty more where this came from. Fair warning, I have a ton up my sleeve, just for you! 

I told you HIITSGIVING would last until Sunday, and I wasn't lying... here's your last HIIT of HIITSGIVING and it focuses on your abs and core ... some of these moves requires quite a bit of balance, so take your time when necessary, but always push yourself! Remember, complete each move for 30 seconds each, before moving on to the next one. Once you finish all 4 moves, rest for 30 seconds or hold a 30 second plank before repeating the HIIT 2 more times! 

For this last workout, remember what you're thankful for, but then also think back to where you started on day 1. You were probably little bit nervous for what was in store for you the next 8 days, but you were ready and willing to give it a shot! Think of how hard you've worked over the last 8 days, and be proud of how far you've gotten. Maybe you know a little bit more of what you're capable of, or maybe you found out what you need to work a bit more on. You may have started to build muscle, or lost a few inches/pounds, but above all YOU DID IT. No one can take away that fact that you made it through 3 HIITs once every day for the last 8 days!

Thank you so much for joining me for HIITSGIVING these last 8 days! This is why I do what I do! I absolutely love inspiring others to be the best version of themselves, and find their path to a healthy lifestyle! 

[GIVEAWAY ALERT] To show you how proud I am, I'm giving away a water bottle, and motivational sign, as well as your own GET FIT WITH KRISTYN TANK TOP/TSHIRT! 

To win, post a sweaty selfie, or workout picture, on social media (FB, Instagram, or Twitter) and share how your first Get Fit with Kristyn Challenge went! 

Use the hashtags #HIITSGIVING + #GetFitwithKristyn !  

Winner of the first giveaway and today's giveaway will be announced tomorrow, Monday! 

With that, I leave you with a laugh - the HIITSGIVING Blooper Reel - that #SelfieSal put together so we could all laugh at my expense :) At least this proves just how funny I can really be! 

But seriously, thank you Sal for being so supportive during my first challenge, and spending countless, long nights, filming and editing my workout videos! Without you, this wouldn't have been possible!