Recipe: Banana Roll Ups

When I have certain ingredients in my home, and I want to change things up, I always try and make my own recipes. While I could probably have the same food every single day, especially for breakfast and my pre/post workout snacks, I try and change meals up every now and then, even if it's just changing up the fruit! I noticed I had a few key ingredients to change up my usual breakfast, so I went for it. Banana Roll Ups was created and devoured one ordinary morning. You will most likely have the ingredients on hand at all times, and if you don't there's only THREE ingredients needed to make this delicious, fun-looking breakfast! You can even have this before you workout, at least an hour before to allow your body to digest, or after, paired with a protein shake! It's also a fun way to get your children to eat healthy meals! 

Banana Roll Ups


- 1 banana

- 2 tbsp all natural peanut butter

- whole wheat/whole grain wrap



1. Spread peanut butter on wrap.

2. Place banana in wrap, and roll up.

3. Slice and devour! 


I have more banana recipes coming your way! I love to eat a banana a day... isn't there a saying? A banana a day keeps the doctor away? No? Not the right fruit? Ha, I know, but it should be! They provide us with so many health benefits, if you're not eating a banana a day, you're missing out! Eating a banana before your workout helps boost energy and sustain it during, regulates blood sugar, and protects against muscle cramps. Bananas also help lower blood pressure because of their high potassium, and helps with PMS, as well as digestion! They have a high level of B6 vitamin, which helps in numerous ways, including weight loss, strengthening the nervous system, and the production of white blood cells. These are just a few of the benefits, check out Food Matters article on 25 powerful ways to eat bananas! 

What's your favorite way to eat bananas? Have a great recipe? Share below!