On the Third Day of Fitmas: BE THE STAR

SANTA IS COMING! Christmas is TEN days away! Time to GET FIT

Imagine if Santa worked out all year, how strong and fit he'd be?He would eat carrots with hummus, like the reindeer, instead of cookies. He wouldn't have his stomach that shook like a bowl full of jelly, and maybe he'd even shave that crazy long beard. I'm sure it'd then be a little creepy if some old guy with a protein shake showed up through the chimney bearing gifts in his gym bag though. Ha-Ha. 

On the third day of FITMAS, my PERSONAL TRAINER gave to meeeeeeeee.... 

3 star crunches

2 minute wall sit

and a 1 minute plank by the tree! 

Do you know what's the sexiest thing on a person? Nope it's not a body part, or clothing, it's CONFIDENCE. It makes your skin glow, your posture a little better, a little taller, your eyes sparkle, and your smile a little brighter and bigger. When I started to workout, it caused me to tone up, grow muscle, and gain a TON of confidence in myself. When you set goals and conquer them, when you push yourself past the limits you thought you had, and when you notice progress in your body and what it's capable of, your confidence blooms. We shouldn't only let this confidence shine in the gym, instead, we should let that confidence shine in every area of our lives, from our careers, to our relationships, to our hobbies, and everything in between!

BE THE STAR on top of that Christmas tree all year round.