On the Fifth Day of Fitmas: DROP THE GUILT

Have you finished all of your shopping yet? If not it's great cardio! I ran around like a nut yesterday trying to get all of my shopping in, and by the time I got home I couldn't even relax, instead, I found myself wrapping presents, which is another workout entirely. I mean one hand has to hold the paper, and the other hand has to try to, desperately, grab the tape. Aside from the shopping and wrapping fiasco, I was actually able to workout yesterday, even though it was late at night, I did it + I completed day 4 of the 12 days of Fitmas! Have you been keeping up? We're on day 5 now, and it's finally time to throw in my favorite workout - BURPEES! You didn't think I could go all 12 days without saying that dreaded word did you? 

On the fifth day of FITMAS, my PERSONAL TRAINER gave to meeeeeeee.... 


4 knee tucks,

3 star crunches,

2 minute wall sit

and a 1 minute plank by the treeeeeeeee. 

My 25 Days of Fitmas FB group has been checking in daily, and it's been incredible to see the progress and realizations that people experience. A good amount of people in the group share their check ins - what they ate that day, and their workout, and any feelings (positive and negative) that may have arrived. One such negative feeling came up just last night, and I feel the need to address it, since it has bothered me all night. 

Why do we feel guilty when we don't get a workout in, whether we were too busy or not?

This feeling, happens to everyone, and occurs multiple times, I'm sure, over the course of the week. I know, because it happens to me! I allow myself to feel guilty and disappointed in myself for not pushing harder, or for making more time to workout, even if I worked out all week already. I'm sure you're nodding your head in agreement. So how do we stop the guilt? I've thought of three surefire ways to stop it in its tracks. 

1. Get in a quick 5 minute workout before bed - thinking of any exercise moves and putting them together, or finding a short workout routine online (the 12 days of Fitmas workouts are perfect for this - especially right before bed)! This way, you know you got something in, even if it was only 5 minutes. 

2. Think of all the other days you've worked out, and take today as a rest day that your body so desperately needed. Maybe it wasn't lack of motivation, or time, maybe it was just your body's way of telling you it needed a break. THAT'S OKAY! Take it for what it is, and let your body rest for a day. 

3. Let it go. Tell yourself, "Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow I am going to fit my workout in." Because really, what else can we do?

Do you feel guilty when you don't workout? How do you stop the guilt in its tracks?