Calorie Crusher Workout

A few weeks ago, I created an incredible treadmill workout! Now it's not your average run 3 miles workout, nope it's even BETTER than that! I got home from work one night, and I was motivated to get back into running. I haven't really been running as much since my half marathon, but I was and still am determined to get back into it. I didn't want to just jump on the treadmill and bang out three miles, because let's face it... that's boring. I don't know about you, but I have trouble staying awake, let alone motivated to stare at a wall while running on the treadmill. Sometimes I'll watch a show on Netflix, but that night, there was nothing I wanted to watch. Maybe you're thinking, I love the treadmill! If so, tell me what your secret is! PLEASE!

So I was determined to make my workout a good one, and bring on all the sweat possible! That's when I saw my BOSU balance trainer in the corner of my room, and knew that I needed to incorporate that! And thus, my Calorie Crusher Workout was born! This workout is guaranteed to get your heart pumping, your metabolism kicked into overdrive, and all of your muscles to burn. This TOTAL BODY workout hits all the muscles in your legs, booty, core, abs, & arms! It also makes those 3 miles go a heck of a lot faster, because after running just 1/2 a mile, you're hopping off to do some ab work! I was done before I knew it, and extremely sweaty! 

If you don't have a BOSU balance trainer, you can still do this workout! There really is no excuse here! You can use a medicine ball, OR you can just use your bodyweight if you don't have any fitness equipment. This workout can also be done outside if you enjoy running on the pavement instead - however, this workout is great on the treadmill, especially when it's raining, snowing, or just too cold to run outside! Perfect for the winter!  

Do you prefer running inside on the treadmill or outside? What are some things you do to make treadmill runs more enjoyable? 


This workout is not sponsored by BOSU or Amazon.