Holding Yourself Accountable

When I first started my fitness journey, I held myself accountable on Instagram for the most part, as well as a fitness community for women that I absolutely fell in love with, Tone It Up. I shortly discovered soon after that I didn't think it was necessary for me to post a picture of every single thing I ate online. Instead, I quickly found myself turning to a small notebook. The old pen and paper did the trick! I knew that I would be 100% honest with my notebook, because I knew no one else would be reading it, so it self-motivated me to eat better, and get my workouts in. I wrote down every single thing I ate for every single meal. I'm an honest person, so I was completely honest with myself when it came to keeping track. I would write down the good and the bad, and I would be determined to eat well because I knew it would go in the notebook. This may not work for some, but it worked for me. 

I would make the notebook my own by decorating the cover with inspiring quotes and motivating pictures, kind of like a vision board. Inside I would include not only my meals and workouts, but also my water intake. I LOVE checking things off a list, so when I make boxes for the amount of water I drink, I am determined to check mark them before the day is over! 

Take inventory and write down all of the healthy things you did that day, even if you didn't eat that great, but you remembered to take your multivitamin, had a big filling breakfast when you normally skip, said no to cookies and cake at a work meeting, opted for water instead of soda for dinner, took the stairs instead of the elevator, walked during lunch, prepped and packed your lunch and snacks, didn't stop at Wendy's on the way home, held a plank for 20 seconds longer than normal, took your dog for a walk, went to the gym or worked out for 5 minutes! You'll be surprised at the end of the day when you look at all of the healthy choices you made that day, and you'll feel so good, and happy that you'll want to continue this day after day, to try and top the day before! 

Competition with yourself is always a great motivator, but what's even better is joining a bunch of like-minded individuals with similar goals in a group setting. I recently created a Facebook Group, entitled the 25 Days of Fitmas Challenge group. It's a group that I hope is inspiring members to stay healthy even during the holidays, which I know is difficult. We're there to lift one another up when we're having a not so great day, to hold ourselves accountable with what we ate and how we got our bodies moving, and to root for one another when we accomplish something we thought we would never accomplish! It's truly incredible, and I'm amazed by the amount of people contributing. You're more than welcome to join us - the more, the healthier! 

What are some ways you stay accountable?