Keep Your Weekend Healthy

One of the hardest things about maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the weekend. Most people see the weekend as a time for rest, relaxation, and enjoying oneself... sometimes a little too much. We've all had those weekends when we drink a little too much, overindulge, and spend hours binge watching Netflix. Fortunately, you can still enjoy your weekends and stay healthy and active. Here are ten ways you can make your weekends healthier ... 


1. Get Your Workout Done Nice and Early

This way you have the rest of the day to do as you please, and you know don't have to stress over getting your workout done, as you keep pushing it off hour after hour. 

2. Try and Find a Fun Way to Workout

Going off #1, you want to try and find a fun way to get your body moving, whether it's running a different route, say along the beach, hiking, swimming in the ocean (watch out for those sharks), head to an indoor trampoline park, or try a new fitness class. 

3. Bring a Friend

I find that having a friend there with you, working out alongside of you, is extremely motivating, and makes it that much more fun! 

4. If It's Nice Out, Head Outside

I'm not saying you need to workout outside, if you don't feel like it, but go outside... plan a picnic, walk around a lake, head to the beach. Just get outside and soak up all that Vitamin D - it is found to help bone health, aid in depression, and fight off colds! Always remember sunscreen! 

5. Make Healthy Choices Out

No one ever said that you couldn't go out to eat, but try and make healthier choices. Order a water with lemon to start, try not to pig out on bread and appetizers, and choose a lean, clean, and green dinner. If you order a salad, order the dressing on the side, and make sure you add a protein on top. 

6. Drink Better

When you're out, it's okay to have an occasional drink. I know that's a huge part of the weekends for some people. Just try to drink better. That means, no beer. A vodka club is a much better choice, or even a glass of wine. 

7. Pick a Healthy Snack When Binge Watching Netflix

I never said you couldn't spend countless hours on the weekend watching Netflix, but don't spend an equal amount of time pigging out on cakes, cookies, chips, and soda. Drop the soda, right now, and pick up a nice freshly brewed green iced tea (minus the sugar) or a tall glass of water with lemon (or any kind of fruit), and cut up fresh fruit and veggies, or grab a healthier bag of chips, my favorites are the veggie straws, or popcorners.

8. Meal Prep

While I'm a big proponent for meal prepping on Sunday, I don't have that luxury because I work on the weekends, but I will say, that it helps a whole lot when you don't have the time each day to make your meals during the work week, and it takes that extra, unnecessary stress out of each day. 

9. Plan Ahead

In the same breath as meal prep, plan your workouts ahead. Grab your planner, schedule your workouts (with a friend or not), and write them down. You're more likely to stick to it, if it's written down! I have a simple planner from Target, but I also love Passion Planner, and the Fitbook. 

10. Catch Up on Your Sleep

Weekends are for resting, so when you feel your body needs it... sleep. Whether that means a small nap in the middle of the day, or sleep an extra hour on Sunday. Rest your body so you're ready to take on the week ahead. Sleep is so important.


Take it slow at first. Don't attempt to make your weekends healthier by following all ten ways, especially not if you're not used to doing anything on the weekends. Take it day by day, and try to incorporate one or two healthy ways each weekend! 

Don't forget to ENJOY it!