Insane Inflatable 5K Recap

I'm no stranger to fun 5K runs. In fact, I've ran the Color Run twice, the Foam Fest twice, and the Dirty Girl mud run twice, so when my friend asked if I'd like to run the Insane Inflatable 5K with her and her husband, I couldn't say no! I was intrigued by the name, and as soon as I looked up the run, I found myself registering both myself and Sal, my boyfriend. The run would be 3.1 miles, and include 11 inflatable obstacles throughout, including the mattress run, the big balls, and pure misery! It was down the shore, so we decided to spend the night at our friend's house and then head there bright and early. 

We were told to arrive an hour before our start time so we could get our bib, bracelet, and sign in. Our race time was at 9, so we ended up getting there a few minutes after 8. There weren't too many people there yet, so we walked right up to the sign in table, and received our bibs. I was super excited looking at the race course, seeing what we were up against. We all put on our bibs and snapped a few pictures before walking back to our cars to put our things away. I don't usually bag check anything, either having someone who's watching hold my things, or leave them in the car. That way I don't risk losing or breaking anything. Only negative thing about that is, I don't have any pictures during the race. Sal brought his Go-Pro to take video, but completely forgot the SD card. It ended up being just fine though because we could really have fun during the race, without a care in the world. We walked around the area for a bit, checking out the tables, and freebies, of course. We played around with the football and softball they had, and tried to throw it into the inflatables. It was a fun way to warm the body up before the race. We stretched a bit, and before we knew it we were lining up to start our race (after a few trips to the bathroom - haha)! Someone had gotten hurt on the first obstacle during the race time before ours, so we had to wait a bit longer to start, but once we did, we were off and running! 

We started off with an obstacle, and then found ourselves running, but we didn't run the whole time, it was more enjoyable to take our time and power through each and every obstacle, cracking up when someone fell or when a ball whacked someone in the face. I, for one, whacked myself in the face with the ball, ha! It was hilarious and I found myself laughing during the race, more than anything else. It didn't even feel like 3.1 miles, and I'm not sure if that's because it wasn't or if that's because the obstacles had me so distracted that it didn't even feel like we had run a 5K. It didn't matter though. We were all in it together, and when our friends slowed down, we slowed down with them, and went through each obstacle as a team. When we reached the finish line, there were four lines of stairs on the inflatable, so we each took one, and climbed up together. When we reached the top, we stood up and raised our hands in cheers, as the photographer took our picture. It was the perfect moment, and as we slid down the slide to cross the finish line, I smiled and took that ice cold towel and wrapped it around my neck. It was hot, and I hadn't really noticed it too much until we got to the end. We snagged our medals, shirts, and Kind bars and headed away from the finish line. 

The race had gone by fast, but it was one of the most fun runs I've ever done! I'm not sure that I would do it again next year, as I'm not sure how much they could really change the obstacles, but I plan on trying out more fun runs, and maybe even tougher ones in the coming year!