I'm Hungry For Change

When I'm all caught up on my shows like Chasing Life and Teen Mom 2 ... yes those are my guilty obsessions, I search through Netflix and try to find something to watch. Since I just got into a new series - The League - I always look at the movies, and ever since I saw Fed Up, I scroll through the documentaries as well. As soon as I saw the name, Hungry for Change, I stopped and clicked play. I had seen a lot of my fitness friends on Instagram had watched it, and it brought about intense emotions. I grabbed a notebook and a pen, and was ready for the wave of feelings to hit me, and they certainly did. 

The average American consumes more than 150 lbs of sugar and sweetness each year.
— U.S Department of Agriculture

We are overfed, but starving to death on the inside. We have so much food available, and we're eating meal after meal, which are more than likely stuffed with fats and sweeteners, making us crave more. These foods we're eating are high in calories, but low in nutrition. Our bodies are craving nutritiously dense foods, but we're shutting them up with fake food, packed with processed ingredients, and artificial flavors. We're gaining weight as each piece of food is shoved into our mouth, but our bodies are dying on the inside... dying for vegetables, fruits, and foods filled with essential nutrients. Even the skinniest of people, who eat these processed foods, may look healthy on the outside, but their body on the inside is just as unhealthy as someone's who is overweight or obese. Their hearts are working harder, their digestive system is in overdrive trying to digest products that aren't digestible, and they feel sluggish and exhausted.  We're not eating food at this point, instead we're eating "food-like products" - they look and smell better, they have a long shelf life, and it makes the company more money. How we let this happen, and not think twice about it, is beyond me but these companies are not fooling me, and I hope if you're reading this, that they're not fooling you either

MSG and free glutamates are used to enhance flavor in about 80% of all processed foods.
— Raymond Francis M.SC MIT

Like I mentioned in the post about Fed Up, these foods are being pumped with things like MSG, free glutamates, caffeine, aspartame, and sugar, that excites the brain, but leaves us feeling empty and hungry, because there are no nutrients inside! This helps food companies because we have to buy more, but it leaves us with an addiction. These processed ingredients lead to health issues like cancer, seizures, and cognitive issues, on top of obesity, and other health issues I've mentioned. It leads me to ask, why do we do this to ourselves? I get that these companies have a hold on us, between cheap, affordable, quick meals, influential commercials, and the easiness of it all, but is it really worth it when we're making ourselves sick?

Not only are we eating more processed foods, but we're living more sedentary lives, between long commutes to work, desk jobs, and technology, we're not moving our bodies the way they were meant to be moved. Sitting and staring at a computer screen makes us more tired, our energy is depleted, our responsibilities are low, and on the other side of that there is an increase in our obesity rates, and an increase in dr. visits. We are literally making ourselves sick. 

In the documentary, they use blueberry muffins sold by a certain company as an example. These muffins don't contain real blueberries, instead they contain propylene glycol C3H8O2, that is not only used to clean out your colon, but it helps the pipes in your vehicle to not freeze. Uh, excuse me... what? Why in the world would anyone want to eat something that we use for our vehicles? We are not automobiles, our bodies are temples and we should treat them as so. 

68% of US adults are overweight/obese.
— Journal of the American Medical Association

Since the 1940s, as a society, we've put out over 75,000 synthetic chemicals out into the world. Eating it, breathing it in, applying it to our bodies... again, we must think before we act. Turning back to nature, and really detoxing our bodies from all of these toxins is the only way to start over at this point. The documentary touches on using nature and living better through it, by consuming chlorophyll rich foods, like green veggies, chia seeds and aloe vera, which secrete gels and absorb bile in the liver, bind and pass through our digestive system, parsley, and cilantro, which binds with heavy metals in the body, like mercury. Instead of turning to greasy fast food, turn to juicy fast food. Juicing makes you feel wonderful from the inside out, and it shows in better skin, silkier hair, and stronger nails. Whole natural juices are rich in vitamins, easy to digest, and give the body everything it needs, pushing the toxins out!

Adding healthier, simpler foods will not only help our bodies feel better, they'll help our minds feel better as well. So many of us eat for comfort, eat our feelings, eat to forget... We must figure out where we are dissatisfied in life ... could it be a trauma that we haven't fully dealt with, drama with family or friends, being stuck, fear, depressing jobs - any or all of the above, could make us turn to poor food choices for comfort. 

WAKE UP! This is your life, and you need to take back control of it. If you want to feel good, look good, and lead a wonderful life - it starts from the inside... no amount of makeup can hide skin that hasn't been fed real, natural, nutrient rich foods, no amount of hair products can hide dull looking hair, no amount of nice clothing can hide the weight that you've gained by sitting on the couch and sulking over your terrible life. I'm sorry if the truth hurts, but someone has to say it.

It has been proven that people that exercise more, eat healthier, and think more positively, are happier people and probably more successful in accomplishing their dreams. Don't you want to be one of those people?