A Little Hike Away From Home

When the weather is nice and our schedules are free, Sal and I try to plan a little getaway, if only for a day away from home. We make sure the day includes an outdoor adventure, and ends with a glass of wine. I'm a huge believer in "almost everything in moderation." Almost everything, except the foods and drinks I've listed in my previous post - here.  Sal researched online and found a few places we could go to where we would hike and find beautiful waterfalls. Now, if you've never been hiking before, or out in the woods exploring, I suggest you grab your shoes and head on outside. It's silent until it's not, and then your ears are filled with the sounds of animal noises, the rustling of leaves, and the trickling and eventually running of water. You find out your body is strong, climbing up elaborate staircases that nature has made, or scaling down steep hills, grabbing on to trees, and really using what you can to make sure you don't fall. 

It's a different kind of workout than going to the gym, and I recommend it to everyone. Forget about the bugs, and the animals that might be out there, and just keep taking the next step to find what you're looking for. I don't think I'd enjoy hiking as much if I wasn't searching for something, and knew there was an end point, because my heart beats fast and I get excited to find what is hidden in nature. 

Our first waterfall that we came across was on a dirt and gravel road, and we honestly didn't think we were going to find it. After getting lost for awhile, we finally arrived to it, and were kind of let down because of the very short amount of rain we've gotten, the waterfall was not as amazing as it could have been, say if we had been getting rain each week of summer. It was breathtaking nonetheless, and we found ourselves hiking up along side of it, and eventually above it. 

We left the first waterfall in search of a second one that was nearby, but we never ended up finding it. It was late in the afternoon and we were both starving by that point, so we went in search of a lake that was nearby and ended up finding two extremely beautiful lakes, off the beaten paths. The first one was huge and hidden, and when we arrived at the second one we were stunned to find people swimming in it. Of course, I know people swim in lakes, but this one was far down a dirt road. It had picnic tables overlooking the lake, and so we quickly set up our lunch. Sal had made a salad fixed with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, craisins, and a homemade balsamic vinaigrette, For our main course we had turkey wraps with mozzarella and tomatoes, and pretzel chips with hummus. Although Sal opted out of the hummus and stuck with his tortilla chips and salsa. It's a great idea if you're going out for the day to make something the night before and pack it in a cooler, so you have a healthy choice no matter where you go! 

We left the lake and were about to head to a winery, but we ended up getting lost some more, and before we knew it we were in Pennsylvania, and we were passing Dingman's Falls. At that point though I was ready to call it quits, but Sal convinced me that we should go, and I'm glad we did. We found not one, but two beautiful waterfalls, and we didn't have to exactly hike, because there was a path, but there was still a lot of walking, and tons of staircases, to get higher and higher, and eventually above the second waterfall. 

Nature is beautiful, and it's nice to get away from all of the technology. Not only are you exercising your body while you scale the mountains and hills, but you're also exercising your mind. It's soaking in all the beautiful colors and new sounds, and it's helping you take that next step up that hill, and figure out where is the safest place to land.

There are the days we binge out on Netflix, and don't move from the couch for a few hours, but more likely than not, we are out and about, training, exploring, and always, always ready for an adventure. 

Where are some of your favorite places to hike? Who else loves to workout and be outside?