Soon to be Specializing in...


I am 'going back to school!' I just signed up for the Fitness Nutrition Specialization course through NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine! 

As some of you know I went through the personal training certification through NASM, and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and I feel as if I learned a ton of new information about fitness, the body, and some nutrition. It took me a few months of researching different certifications, and debating on whether I should actually become a personal trainer. I fell in love with the mission at NASM.  It seemed a lot more challenging than the other certifications, but I wanted that challenge, I welcomed it. Plus, it was extremely well known by gyms because it was based on the science aspect of fitness and nutrition.

NASM’s mission is to empower individuals to live a healthy life.

When I found my passion for working out, fitness, and nutrition, I thought about becoming a personal trainer, and helping others become passionate about being healthier. I would constantly talk to my friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers on Instagram. I was still hesitant, in myself, in thinking that I might not have what it took, thinking the price was too expensive, and that I might not even have the time to devote to it since I was working full time, and had a long commute. I was nervous, but with the push of my boyfriend, who helped me believe I had what it took, I went for it... weeks later, of course, after more internal debates. I went with the CPT self study, because I didn't want to shell out a ton of money, knowing at the time that it probably wasn't going to be something I did full time, and I thought I could do it on my own. 

I had 6 months from the day that I bought it to read the assigned chapters each week, complete the quizzes,  study, and pass the exam. The syllabus that was provided broke down the chapters and studying into 70 days, but of course, life happens and it became rather difficult to study on some days. It was relatively easy at first, but then the chapters became more difficult to comprehend, and I found myself needing to reread certain sections, print out extra handouts to help with the muscles, and really focus on what I was learning. I tried to get through about a chapter a week, therefore, I took the full 6 months to study and take the exam. I wrote out flashcards, took plenty of notes and created a study guide, highlighted the important information, and performed the moves of each exercise, stretch, and assessment. Not only did I perform the moves, but I made Sal perform them as well so I could assess him. I took a few practice tests, and found myself at a testing center the morning of my test before I knew it. 

The test was hard, and I found myself performing the exercises, and figuring out the muscles by moving my own. The people in the seats next to me definitely thought I was strange, but I did what I needed to do. There were 120 questions total, and there were a few I was stuck on that I went back to, but I walked out confident, with my head held high. I waited for my score, and when the guy handed me my results, I was ecstatic that I had PASSED. I was shaking, and wanted to tell the world. Those results have brought me here. 

Hopefully, the results after this fitness nutrition specialization exam are just the same, and I can  help even more people - think ... meal plans, healthy recipes, and nutritional advice