It may come as a shock to you, but I don't weigh myself. Heck, my mom got me a scale for Christmas one year, and it sits in our bathroom, untouched by me! You may think I'm crazy, and sit there shaking your head, wondering how I don't use a scale, being a personal trainer/fitness trainer. It's quite easy you see... I go by how I feel and look, not a number. You may also be sitting there thinking, "well of course, it's easy for her to not use a scale, because she's already skinny, and she's already reached her goals." Well, you'd be wrong about that. While I may have reached some of my goals, I'm always setting new ones for myself. It may surprise you also, that while I may look "skinny" to you, I weigh more now than I ever have, and I'm a heck of a lot stronger, and toned.

This is why you need to hear me when I say... 






You want to see progress, and I completely understand that. How about instead of focusing so much on getting down to a certain weight, focus on fitting into those pair of jeans you bought but are too small now. Take progress pictures. You don't even have to share these with anyone, but for your own benefit - take the pictures and then take the exact same pictures in a month, or even at the end of every week. Take notice in how you feel and whether you have more energy a certain day because of the food that you're eating, or because you got a good workout in. Why is it so important that the number on the scale changes. I'm pretty sure I weighed less a few years ago, and thought I was stronger, but now that I've gained muscle, and the number on the scale went up, I was wrong all those years ago ... I'm stronger now, even with a few extra lbs on! So DO NOT let that scale fool you! Even taking your inch measurements is a better judge of progress than the scale! 

It's okay to have goals for yourself, and want to be a certain weight or size, gain muscle, lose inches, etc. BUT REMEMBER, it's not a race. You can't push yourself to exhaustion, in hopes that one day you won't have to push as hard. Each and every day is a struggle, and it will be a struggle for the rest of your days. If losing weight, getting stronger, and challenging yourself each and every day was easy... everyone would be doing it. There is no end in sight, and that's what is so exciting about this healthy lifestyle journey. When you reach that goal, there are always new goals to be accomplished! I bet you right here right now, that once you reach a weight loss goal, you won't want to stop - you'll want to gain muscle, or tone up, up your reps or weights in the gym, maybe move on to share your passion with others. It doesn't end! So take it day by day... not all days are going to be great days, and you'll struggle more than anything else, but when you reach a goal, a milestone, a new level, you'll be that much more prouder, and motivated to keep going.