Friday Night Favorites: Reality Fitness TV Shows

Over the seasons, my mom and I usually sit down and obsessively watch the Biggest Loser, week after week. However, we've found a NEW reality fitness show! Now, it's not as if we don't like watching the Biggest Loser anymore, but it has become too unrealistic. Heck, maybe it's always been that way, but with my fitness and nutrition background, I know that it is unrealistic AND unhealthy to lose 20+ lbs in one week. It's still an intriguing show to watch, but you won't find me waiting on the couch each week for it to start. 

"My Diet is Better Than Yours"

Now THAT is a realistic weight loss/lifestyle change show, and if you've never heard of it before - read on! 

It's on ABC on Thursday nights from 9-11PM eastern. 

5 contestants pick 5 diets. Each week they learn ways to be healthier and incorporate healthy ways of life into their daily living, workout, eat right and specific to the diet they chose, and compete in workout challenges. At the end of each week, viewers get to watch them weigh in, and depending on who lost the most %, who would get to switch their diet if they aren't seeing progress or results. However, they can only switch once in the whole competition. While the show is a couple of weeks in, we have only seen 7 diets/trainers. They are all extremely different from one another - from eating cheeseburgers on one plan, to having no diet at all.

  • The Wild Diet
  • The Strong Safe and Sexy Plan
  • The No Diet
  • The Superfood Swap
  • The Nutrient Timing Plan

The Wellness Smackdown and the Clean Momma Diet have been eliminated. The two eliminated were a bit weird, and I wasn't exactly feeling their approaches. Just because the trainers were let go, doesn't mean that the contestants leave though! They stay throughout the whole competition, regardless of whether they lose nothing, or 10 lbs, which I LOVE! Each trainer helps them make realistic changes to their life, and really helps their diet to fit their new lifestyle. Sometimes some of the contestants only lose 1 lb, but THAT'S REAL, THAT'S LIFE! These contestants aren't spending hours in the gym, like the contestants on the Biggest Loser, and they're not starving themselves either. The contestant on the Wild Diet, eats cheeseburgers for gosh sakes! My favorite has to be the Superfood Swap diet; I feel like I'm living that now. I'm always looking for ways to swap out unhealthy food for healthier food. No deprivation. Swapping out unhealthy ways of life like eating a piece of cake alone, vs going out and enjoying the whole experience with a friend, and eating cake! It's not only about what we eat, but how. Are we sitting on the couch mindlessly eating chips, are we hiding candy and eating it when no one is looking, and are we eating really healthy while out and then going home and eating the entire refrigerator? We can easily make eating more enjoyable again, and enjoy the experience instead of hiding it, all the while enjoying food that is GOOD FOR YOU, giving your body the nutrients it needs.

Everyone on the show is striving towards the same goal, to lose weight and love their body again, AND finish a marathon at the end of the season! The contestants were shocked upon hearing that news. Even my jaw dropped when I heard that, I've only ever run a half marathon - I couldn't imagine running a full (though I've had those evil thoughts creep in my head on more than one occasion).

It's such a great show, and it really has you rooting for all of the contestants to reach their goals and to see their amazing progress! When I tune in though, I need a little dessert. What else is better to eat than watching a movie long show? Okay, other than cookie dough ice cream...


Secrets out - popcorn CAN be HEALTHY. That is, if you know how to make it. Forget those pre-packaged, processed bags of popcorn, and go for the kernels! You can easily add a little butter and sea salt OR you can try my sweet cinnamon popcorn!

Kristyn's Sweet Cinnamon Popcorn


  • Popcorn Kernels
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 tsp coconut sugar
  • 1 tsp cinnamon


  1. Pop popcorn kernels.
  2. Melt coconut oil, coconut sugar, and cinnamon in microwave for 1 minute. Stir until mixed.
  3. Drizzle mixture on to popcorn & enjoy while watching your favorite show!


What are your thoughts on REALITY FITNESS SHOWS? Which one is your favorite?