On any other weekend day, I'd be at work right now, BUT today is different.... today is a snow day! Unfortunately, with my hour long commute, I just couldn't make it to work today, and thus had to take the day off. Fortunately for you, I created a Snow WOD! I remember back in the days when I was younger, with no cares in the world, or responsibilities, how I would bundle up bright and early and head out to play in the snow for HOURS. My mom would have to call my brother and myself back into the house just to warm up for a bit with hot chocolate by the fire! That was when all the kids in my neighborhood would be outside from the moment we finished our homework, until the street lights came on. I haven't seen one child outside yet, and it's pretty sad. Those were the days...

I won't keep boring you with my reminiscing, but I'm sure you remember the days too! If you have children then you're lucky enough to get to play in the snow again, without it being a bit strange.

For your SNOW WOD, I've chosen moves that combine cardio + strength, using only your body weight. This workout is bound to get you sweating, feeling strong and ready to take on all the shoveling later! (See, if we were kids again, we wouldn't be the ones shoveling!)

I challenge you, right here, right now, to complete this Snow WOD, for TIME!

Use the #snowdaywithkristyn & #getfitwithkristyn and post your final time to complete this WOD on social media so I can see! I'm going to be completing this workout as well, right after I finish my mimosa! HEY, you have to enjoy yourself sometimes right?! If you're feeling like it's not enough for you, do this workout 2-3x through and then take a picture of your sweaty selfie, which will most likely be taken on the ground - ha!

Get your workout in, and then enjoy the rest of your snow day!