Friday Night Favorites: Podcasts

If you know me, then you know that I have an extremely long commute to my full time job - an hour drive there, and an hour drive home. Listening to the same 5 songs play on the radio can get old REAL quick & after almost 3 years, you can only bang your head on the steering wheel so many times before wanting to turn the radio off. Thankfully, I've purchased Siruis XM and it's been awesome listening to my country stations, but I have also become obsessed with ... PODCASTS! I didn't think I would like listening to people talk for an hour, but the topics are thought provoking and intriguing to say the least.

I have one favorite - one podcast that I think I've listened to every single episode, and I've learned so much, not only about each individual she has on the show, but also about myself. The LIVELY SHOW.

The Lively Show is designed to uplift, inspire, and help you add a little extra intention to your everyday.
— Jess C. Lively

That's exactly what this little gem does... it uplifts you when you're feeling down on your career, your relationships, your life... Most of the guests talk in a way that allows you to connect with them on a deeper level. Jess has on some pretty amazing guests, and she digs deep into their lives and thoughts. They all bring their own story that inspires you, whether they were stuck in a career they hated, or they basically grew their business from the roots up, even how they had such self-hate, but eventually learned to love. It all started from within. In each of these stories, each individual had to change something on the inside - a thought, a feeling, an intention. Jess speaks a lot about setting Values based intentions - not goals or actions, future-oriented or measured things. They embody the present moment, and allow us to experience inner joy and peace. If your intention can end or be completed, it's not an intention... but rather a goal. As Jess puts it, setting an intention does not involve "collecting shiny pennies", and crossing things off our to-do lists. It starts on the inside, and allows you dig deep inside of you and what you're all about - who you REALLY are, not who you want to be, and definitely not who the world sees you.

I find myself looking up each guest after the show to follow them on Instagram, or purchase their book about personal development, or their story. I've been introduced to the Simple Green Smoothie lifestyle, Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and even the story of the two behind one of my favorite blogs Young House Love.  I'm hooked, and you will be too once you give the show a listen - here.

I have a ton of other podcasts saved on my phone... some I've listened to and am slowly falling in love with, and others are on my to get to list, as I know I have a ton of rides before me, I'm in no rush! I just want to soak up all of the professional and personal development I can!

Other Podcasts I'm Falling For: BiteSized Radio, Happier with Gretchen Rubin, and Build a Badass Business.

Podcasts on my To-Listen List: Serial (following the flow with this one), Ted Radio, Screw 9-5, Entrepreneurs on Fire, Startup Camp, the Fat Burning Man Show, the Dave Ramsey Show, Jillian Michaels Show, Good Life Project, AND Your Kick Ass Life!


What are some of your favorite podcasts?

I'd love to hear and add them to my must listen to list!