Keeping a Daily Fitness & Nutrition Journal

I've created a tool for you to use on your health and fitness journey. I was going to only make it available to those I personally trained, but I really want to be able to help MORE of you, even if you aren't being trained by me. I've created a daily fitness and nutrition journal sheet that you can print out and either form into a book, or just print out one for each day. I've included a space for your meals, water intake, and workout! What more do you need? 

I'm a huge planner addict. Not only do I write down my plans for each day, week, and month, but I write down what I did each day - whether it was work, workouts, or my to do list. I keep each planner too, because I love to look back and see everything I've done (you've already read all about this yesterday). At the end of the week, I look back at all that I've accomplished, especially my workouts, whether I've worked out 2 or 5x that week, it's encouraging to see my progress. Because everyone knows that small progress over time can yield some big results. I've realized that I'm not the only one who loves to plan, and hold themselves accountable. So I figured there was a need, and I needed to create something to fill that need. 

Even though I haven't really kept track of my food/water intake lately, I think I'm going to start again today, with the help of my Get Fit with Kristyn daily journal. It really helps when you are trying to focus on your food intake and workouts. You are able to see just how much you're eating, and how healthy/unhealthy. If you're anything like me, you're not going to want to write down all of the unhealthy things, because you'll feel bad, not only because of what you ate, but because of how it made you feel (sluggish, tired, bloated, etc).  You would feel bad that you let yourself down again eating that handful of m&ms at work, or grabbing an extra large sugar filled drink at your local coffee shop... you know which one I'm talking about... 

When you hold yourself accountable, and focus on your nutrition, results will come a lot faster. Abs are made in the gym, but brought out with your nutrition. It's like building a house: the structure and foundation are built first (when you workout at the gym)... and then you focus on all of the details - windows, walls, paint colors even (when you change up your nutrition). 

I want you to try using the journal for at least one week, and see if you notice a difference. No... you won't get that 6 pack you've wanted in a week, but you'll feel better, and it'll give you back the control that you've struggled with... instead of saying yes to the doughnut your coworker offers you every morning, you'll stop and think, giving yourself time to gain control back, and say NO, knowing that you'll have to write it down. You'll notice this more and more, taking control back of your life and making meaningful decisions. You can even take this one step further and share it with us in the New Year, Better You Challenge Group

Download and print out the Daily Fitness & Nutrition Journal. 

Comment below when you print it and share how you think it's going to help you on your fitness journey!