Detox After the Holiday

I'm all for enjoying oneself during the holidays, filling up your plate high with foods you don't normally have, going back for seconds, and then just when you think you can't eat anymore, they bring out dessert and you just have to try one of everything. If you're like me, this doesn't happen very often, only during the holidays, so my body is not used to it AT ALL. Even though I worked out that morning to give me some energy and burn the turkey a bit, I wound up on the couch, basically in a food coma for the rest of the night. Thankfully there are some ways to bounce back, even if you continue to enjoy the leftovers all weekend long!  


First things first ... HYDRATE! Keep a water bottle by your side all day long. When you finish, keep refilling it. Your body needs to flush everything out and water is your best choice! Add a little lemon or different fruit to it for some flavor and the extra health benefits! I have added essential oils to my waters, and have been drinking bottle after bottle, glass after class of water, and I no longer feel bloated like I did on Thanksgiving night. 


I immediately made myself a green smoothie for breakfast each morning after Thanksgiving to get alllllll the greens in me, something that was light, but still delicious. I skipped out on a lot of greens during Thanksgiving dinner, and I'm not quite sure green bean casserole counts! My future mother in law made a nice salad, but between the corn bread, mashed potatoes, turkey, pasta, and stuffing, I couldn't eat it! I'm glad I had it though because I made salads for my work week with it! It meant I was able to eat more greens!  I used our leftover turkey to top it off, along with the mozz balls, tomatoes, and onions! 


Continue to move, ya know after you binge watch Gilmore Girls. Get up off the couch and move - whether you complete my Burn the Turkey workout, take a class at a gym, or just go on a walk around the block. Move your body, get your metabolism back to full force, and do something you love. It'll not only make you happier, but it'll help your energy level as well!  


What's your favorite way to detox after a holiday?