Don't Forget

To love yourself.

Whether you're single or in a relationship, you should be your own #1. You shouldn't wait around for a significant other to treat you right, buy you flowers, and love you. You should march down there to the farmers market and pick up a bouquet for yourself. You deserve it. 

Why do we always wait to be happy, for someone else to make us happy, when we can try and make ourselves happy! Take the morning and make it yours - get your workout in, FOR YOU - think of your WHY - then come home and make yourself a healthy meal - protein pancakes in the shape of hearts with strawberries, or a chocolate covered strawberry protein shake! Take this time to journal or think about how great you felt during the workout. Afterwards, make plans with friends OR think of another way to make yourself happy. If it's a lunch or dinner/drinks with your favorite people, then GO! If it's a night in curled up by the fire with a book or glass of wine, do that! 

Valentine's Day shouldn't be the only day we show our love (for ourselves or for others), it's just another day in my book - and that's coming from a girl who has had a boyfriend for 8 years who has shown me nothing but love each and every day.  

For the past 14 days, each individual in my Strong, Confident & Sexy Challenge has been naming something that they love about themselves, just one thing. It's sometimes difficult for someone to come up with even one thing they love about themselves, but this group has been killing it. It's eye opening really because we really can find things we love about ourselves, and it builds confidence! If we don't love ourselves, how can we expect anyone else to love us? You can sit there on the couch, moping and mindlessly scrolling through social media obsessing over the fact that no one likes you and you didn't get flowers, OR you can decide that you're an amazing person with an incredible personality and if you haven't found someone to love you, you must love yourself even more! Think flowers, self-care - warm baths, hot tea, massages, workouts, healthy eats, and plenty of sleep, dress up (remember ... Look good, feel good) & treat yourself like you're your own best friend each and every day. 

You're beautiful. You're smart. You're kind. Don't forget to love yourself.