Strong, Confident, Sexy 29 Day Challenge

January has come and gone, didn't it fly by?!

You may have kept with your family workouts and established good, healthy habits and a strong foundation for your daily routine. And if you have - good for you, seriously, it's not easy and it may have been a constant struggle, but now it's a new month and you can just continue rockin'! If you're wishing you had the motivation to get back into it because you strayed far from the healthy lifestyle, here it is ...

[ Motivation !!!! ]

It's a new month, and a new week, you can always start over, and there's absolutely no better time than right now. This month is all about love, and we're going to focus on loving ourselves, first and foremost. I want you to think of your {WHY}, again. Why are you trying to get healthy and fit? You probably want to look better, feel better, gain confidence, take control of your life, etc. Well all of the whys start on the inside. If we don't love ourselves, we can't expect to the happiness to follow if we are able to reach our goals.

So I'm here to help release the negative self talk.

Each day, I challenge you to wake up, look at yourself in the mirror and say one thing you love about yourself, all while looking yourself right in the eyes. It can be anything... eyes, hair, the way you laugh, how strong you are - emotionally or physically, your willingness to try, how you can name all 50 states, literally ANYTHING.

1 thing a day = 29 things you love about yourself.

You can choose to keep the thoughts to yourself, write them down, OR share them in my Facebook group - Strong, Confident, Sexy Challenge Group.

To help, I'll be sharing my own. If you're scared, nervous, or anxious, that's GOOD! I'm going to push you out of your comfort zone.

In the next month, I'll share even more workouts, recipes (think strawberries & chocolate), and fit tips!

Below you will find the Strong, Confident, Sexy 29 Day Challenge Calendar for the whole month of February that includes the daily challenges. You can print it out, save it on your desktop, or just refer back to it here each day!

Remember to always love yourself!