Friday Night Favorites: Fitness Trackers

I've used a couple of fitness trackers to track different workouts, but I have one that takes the cake! My Polar FT40 is my FAVORITE fitness watch. I received this watch as a Christmas gift, two or three years ago, and it still works! I think I've only had to change the batteries twice, which really says a lot about the way it's made! It comes with a heart rate monitor strap that is to be worn around your chest. I put it right underneath my sports bra and it holds it in place for the duration of my workout. I don't wear this all day, every day, but rather just during my workouts. Sometimes I wear the watch around my wrist, and other times I strap it on to my tank top. It's lightweight, and wears like a watch.

The Polar FT40:

  • Has a Polar Fitness test
  • Tracks heart rate and calorie burn
  • Finds target heart rate zones, including fat burn and fitness
  • Stores training files
  • Shows average and max heart rate
  • Displays weekly workout history
  • Has a back light

I love using this watch during my workouts at home, as well as while kickboxing at the gym. As soon as I put it on I realize that I have to give my workouts my all, but I barely notice it's on when I'm into my workout. I want to make the most of my workouts, and I'm able to tell if I gave everything I had during by looking at my average heart rate, max heart rate, calorie burn, and cal fat %. The only downside to this watch is that I've had trouble occasionally with the HR watch and the chest transmitter not connecting, but I usually just re-wet the strap and it works!

During my outside runs, however, I use my mom's Garmin Forerunner 10. I say it's my mom's even though I've been using it more than her, because I got it for her for Mother's Day - she loves to walk outside, so I thought it would make for good motivation, but she has since fallen in love with her FitBit (which I have not tried, but my mom and boyfriend like to use it for daily steps, calories, HR, etc) The Forerunner 10 tracks my mileage and calorie burn after you insert all of your stats - height, weight, age, gender. I don't run outside often in the winter - okay, I don't run at all during the winter, but during the spring/summer , and whenever I'm training for a race, you'll find me sporting this! With just a click of a button and I'm off!

You can pick your color too, I just so happened to pick purple for my mom - if it were mine, I would've picked the lime green one! It's extremely lightweight, and comfortable to wear. I believe the mileage and calorie burn are accurate too. I used to use my Nike Run app, but I've found that I don't want to lug my phone on long runs, and it's actually not that accurate. When Sal and I would run together, his would give us one distance, while mine would give us another.

The Garmin Forerunner 10:

  • Has GPS to track distance, pace, and calories
  • Identifies personal records
  • Has a Virtual Pacer to compare current pace to target pace (that can be set)
  • Plan, review, and share runs
  • Has a battery life up to 10 days - and can easily be charged using a USB into a computer

Those are my two favorite fitness trackers, share yours below in the comments! I would love to know what other people use!


*I am not affiliated with Amazon - connected the links because Amazon always has great deals!