The Monday After...

Everyone should have the Monday after a holiday off from work... yes, I believe Super Bowl Sunday should be a national holiday. But alas, most of us do not, so we have to wake up and start our morning off the right way. You may have eaten some foods that were a little unhealthy yesterday, you may have eaten way too much, and drank more than you have all year, BUT... You are not going to get fat from one night of unhealthy eats. Time to tuck that day into your memory. It's a new week, and the second week of the Strong, Confident, Sexy Challenge

Everyone has been sharing the love, and realizing their love for themselves can reflect in their every day lives. Today is no different. Instead of pressing snooze and rolling back over when you hear your alarm go off, push yourself out of bed & get in a quick workout that'll get your heart pumpin' and your metabolism burnin'! Try this quick workout below - no equipment needed! It'll leave you sweating, and smiling! You'll not only be happier, but you'll feel better about yourself, more positive, and without a care in the world for that long commute - okay well it doesn't solve the problem of terrible drivers, BUT it might just give you more patience to deal with them!

When you finish your workout, take a shot of apple cider vinegar, and then refuel. ACV has many benefits, and is great for giving your metabolism an extra boost bright and early. Then drink some water while powering up with a healthy, hearty breakfast like a warm bowl of oatmeal, protein pancakes, or eggs!


What's your favorite healthy breakfast to have that keeps you feeling satisfied until lunch!?