Recipe: Avocado Egg Salad Wrap

Anyone else a HUGE fan of eggs? Any kind - hard boiled, or cooked on the stove with a side of bacon and whole grain toast! What's great about eggs is that you can literally have them for any meal - breakfast, obviously, but also hard boiled eggs for a mid-morning snack, or even breakfast for dinner - one of my favorites!

I usually have hard boiled eggs prepped for the week (thanks, mom!), and so I'm able to enjoy them as a mid morning snack with some fruit, or even a pre-workout, protein-filled snack! It's quick and easy - especially when you peel them before you go! Just put it in a bag, or container and you're off! You know what makes them even better? You can have them for lunch! No, I'm not talking about just eating them, as is... I'm talking about adding healthy fats and creating a wrap! Now I've made an avocado tuna wrap, but today, we're talking all about eggs and avocado!

Eggs are a complete protein, as they have all 9 essential amino acids, which are essential because our body doesn't produce them! These amino acids, among the 20 different amino acids, are vital to build and repair lean muscle, healthy hair, skin, and nails. They also help regulate hunger, which is why it's so important to include protein during every meal! I PROMISE that you will not get bulky (us ladies just aren't cut out to get bulky - we don't have the testosterone!), but by eating protein, you will help boost your metabolism! Even though the yolks are a bit high in cholesterol, I still enjoy them, though egg whites are much healthier for you. There are roughly 6 grams of protein in a whole egg, and 4 in the egg whites.

I eat the whole egg, and plenty of them (usually 3 at a time!). I've been asked if the yolk is okay to eat many times, so I wanted to clarify. When compared to other foods, the yolk is relatively high in cholesterol, containing an average of anywhere between 190 and 215 milligrams. However, regularly eating eggs can actually lower your low density lipids ( "bad" cholesterol) and raises high density lipids.

Our body actually makes our own cholesterol, so while it is important to limit our consumption, the real danger is eating foods that are high is trans and saturated fats. Thankfully egg yolks contain healthy, fatty acids, like omega-3s AND the vitamins and minerals (80%! Including Iron, Potassium, Folate, Selenium, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, Biotin, Choline).

So if you didn't eat the yolk then you'd be missing out on all those nutrients & 1/5 of the protein in an egg!

Avocados are GOOD fats (monounsaturated)! They contain Omega-3 fatty acids (along with fish, oils, and nuts), and help curb hunger, lower LDL, or 'bad,' cholesterol, protect your heart, prevent blood sugar spikes, and reduce inflammation. Omega-3 fatty acids are essential, our body does not make them, therefore, we MUST eat them! This is why you hear of so many people taking Omega-3 supplments, which are great, but it'd be even better if we could just eat them! They're also a SUPERFOOD! They are PACKED with vitamins C, K, and B6, which keep your hair shiny and your skin healthy!

Spinach is loaded with healthy vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients! It's filled with nitrates, increasing the levels of two natural occurring proteins in the body, which helps tone the muscles you're getting by eating those eggs!

Tomatoes are JAM PACKED with vitamin C! Lycopene, a phytochemical with antioxidant properties, is in this delicious red vegetable, and helps to reduce heart disease, eye disorders, and prostate cancer risk. They're easy to cut up and add to nearly any meal!

So here's your superfood, protein packed lunch that you can wrap up and take to work so that you're always prepared to have a healthy day!