Recipe: Strawberry Bites

If you know me, you know I can't go a night without having dessert, which I always try to have a healthier version of... except cookie dough ice cream - I will not give up that amazing, heaven-sent dessert. In the summer, I'm usually craving either ice cream, frozen yogurt, or fruit. I tend to stay away from anything baked just because of the warm weather, and full feeling it usually brings. One of the desserts I absolutely love to have is cut up strawberries, and dark chocolate chips. My mom knows how much I love strawberries, and so whenever she's at Costco, she'll pick up a huge container of them for me, knowing that I'll eat them all before they go bad. She only does this, however, when they're in season, because really who wants to pay $15 for less than sweet strawberries.

Anyone else have a seasonal fruit they will eat every day?

As I was sitting there in bed eating my chocolate chips and strawberries, and reading my book, it got me thinking ... there has to be another way to eat this! That's when it hit me ... I could make this dessert into bites, and add in greek yogurt! YES, three ingredients, and it's the perfect summer, or any season really, dessert! Great for anyone - from your pickiest kids, to your pickiest husband, and all of the in between! I could see myself bringing these to BBQs this summer, ensuring that at least one healthy thing will be consumed! Remember, you don't have to skip BBQs and parties this summer because of your healthy lifestyle... you can bring healthy snacks and meals to share, which will definitely inspire at least one person there to join you and change up their own lifestyle!

I love finding new ways to enjoy the desserts I crave late at night, and this one will leave you satisfied, and guilty free ... though you shouldn't feel guilty if cookie dough ice cream happens to just land in your bowl one night!

The great thing about this recipe is that you can choose the amount you want to make! You literally cannot mess this up - believe me, I made it in 5 minutes! I grabbed 5 strawberries, a little bit of vanilla Greek yogurt, and mini dark chocolate chips - all of which you probably already have in your fridge/pantry - and made them without worry that I was going to mess up. I used a strawberry huller, which helped remove the core of the strawberries, but you could also use a knife - it just might be a little messier. I grabbed a plastic Ziploc bag, and stuffed the bottom corner with some Greek yogurt, then dipped the Greek yogurt side of the strawberry into the chocolate chips, and gently placed them on a plate! These can be refrigerated, but they're best if eaten right away or later that night!

If you try these, tag me in your social media post @kristynnicole1 AND use the hashtag #GetFitwithKristyn ! I'd love to see them!