MAY This Be Your Best Month Yet

If you've followed our SPRINGPUSH-Up Challenge, you've made it through 30 days of push ups and have successfully done 650 PUSH UPS, not including your max out days! Let me say that again ... 650 in 30! WOW! Even I'm amazed at myself, as you should be with your self, but as I've said before... you can do whatever you set your mind to, you just have to release any negative thoughts you have about yourself and your capabilities. You may have started on your knees, eventually advancing to your toes, you may have added on 10 push-ups to your max out, or even 1. No matter what, you need to celebrate each and every success - no matter how small they may seem. Be proud of where you've come from, and look forward to where you're going!

As for our winners from our Spring Into Summer FB Challenge Group are...




and Julio!

Lauren - you've done an incredible job going from push-ups on your knees to your toes, taking a double at CKO, and signing up for a Spartan race! Therefore, you've won the book Spartan Up! Myra - you have been doing these push-ups each and every night, usually after taking an hour long kickboxing class, and you have motivated me to do them when I'd much rather go home and hop into bed! You've won a box of my favorite bars!
Miryam - you got sick at the end of the challenge, but you were determined the entire time, and asked the right questions to really understand each and every push-up in order to do it right, and avoid injury! Take care of yourself and relax with your prize, candles and soap! Self-care is so important!
Julio - you joined us a little late in the challenge, and complained just a LITTLE when you had to do the push-ups of the day, but you did it anyways! You win a little Zumba gift!

Our May You Be Fit Challenge will focus on our core, and start with a max out of a low plank, as shown in the video below. Get on to the floor, on your forearms and toes, belly button tucked into your back, and shoulders aligned with your elbows. Hold this position until you start shaking, and then hold it some more. Only drop until you can't take it any longer. Write that time down and get ready for the next challenge! Monday morning your May You Be Fit challenge calendar will be released.

We will be holding one another accountable in the Spring Into Summer FB Challenge Group. Feel free to join - we talk about all things health, wellness, and fitness, with a few jokes and curse words thrown in the mix.

If you didn't know, I, as well as several other gym members, have signed up for the Spartan Race in two months. So this month, I'm pairing a book with our challenge. We're going to dig deep, and while we're working on our core, we're going to look into our core by reading Spartan Up!: A Take No Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance in Life by Joe De Sena, the creator of the Spartan Race. Each week we'll read two chapters, and discuss each one. This is especially for those that will be running the race, but I want EVERYONE to read along! I'll ask questions, and post thoughts to really change up our mindset, and alter our perspective on not only ourselves, but our lives. We should never settle for comfortable. I want to push you past your comfort level. Figure out your limits and blow past them. I know it'll be scary, but it'll be worth it - not only for the memories, but for the confidence that you'll gain, and the strength you'll see that you have had all along.

So go and complete your plank, pick up the book, and MAY it be the best month yet.