What's in Your Gym Bag? - Top 6 Gym Bag Essentials

When you think of your gym bag, what words come to mind? For me, I think... "life-line" to get through my workout. I, literally, stuff it to the brim with things I 'might' need, especially when I'm there for almost 6 hours (NOT working out the entire time, ya crazies!). I train others and teach at CKO Kickboxing, so I need to be prepared for anything, whether that means having an extra hair tie for a gym member, or a Kind/Larabar to keep me from getting hAngry, or passing out.
I'm like that way with my purse too, before I go to work, I make sure I fill it with anything I might need that day, because can you really ever be TOO prepared?

My gym bag itself isn't some nice expensive bag, though I'm sure it cost a good amount as it's made by Nike, and I wouldn't want it to be expensive, because then I'd be afraid to throw it around the way I do now. It's easy for me to grab, throw in my car, or on the mats at the gym and not have to worry about making marks on it or ripping the fabric. Everything inside it has a reason for being inside it. I even just cleaned it out before I snapped some pictures, and threw things out - things that had no use for me anymore - spring cleaning at its finest, right? If there was no reason for it being in my bag, I tossed it, because who really needs 4 pens in a gym bag?

While I like to pack my gym bag with everything... my top 6 Gym Bag Essentials are ...

1. Deodorant - As you saw in my Honest review, I use Honest deodorant, and always make sure I have some in my gym bag, because you never know when you might need to throw some more on, especially when you're at the gym all day.

2. Water bottle - Sometimes you don't have a spare dollar to buy a water bottle at the gym, and often times they have water fountains where you can just refill your bottle - that's where the Swell bottle comes in! It's "composed of non-leaching and non-toxic 18/8 stainless steel, that keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours and hot for 12," all while giving back to charitable organizations like Unicef, American Forests, and Drink up! How incredible is that?!

3. Towel (or two) - Because while you want people to know you're at the gym, you don't want to leave your mark, or sweat, in this case! Always bring a towel to wipe your face down, and a towel to wipe the machines down, if the gym doesn't have them handy.

4. Heart Rate Monitor - I absolutely love wearing my Polar FT40 Heart Rate Monitor during a workout, because it makes me push that much harder. I want to try to keep my heart rate up during certain workouts, and I want to see how many calories I'm burning! It's always great for some extra motivation!

5. Protein/Granola Bar - If your gym doesn't have a protein smoothie stand, or a place to buy protein bars, OR if you want to save money, throw your own bar into your gym bag. I love refueling with a protein shake right after my workout, but if I don't have one on hand, I always make sure I have a bar with me, and while Kind bars aren't high on protein, they have enough carbs to hold you over until you can buy or make that protein shake. I also love larabars, and luna bars!

6. Headphones - I don't think I can ever go to the gym without headphones, because they're not only used to blast your tunes and get you through your workout, but they're also used to block out any other sound, including strange gym-goers trying to talk your ears off! MUST HAVE with you at all times!

I also throw an extra outfit, Honest chapstick, shoes, athletic tape, and my boxing gloves (not pictured) into my gym bag! They're not exactly essential, but they're essential to me.

What's something that you always have in your gym bag? Anything I named on my list, or something else?