Fit Tip: Getting More Protein Into Breakfast

Eating protein in the morning is extremely important, as you have just had 8 hours, if you're lucky, of sleep, without food. Your body needs a whole, nutritious meal, and that doesn't mean grabbing a doughnut as you run out the door, late for work. Healthy staples for me include oatmeal, eggs, protein pancakes, and sometimes even just PB on multi-grain with banana slices. Well, what if I told you that we could combine a few of those staples to create a protein packed breakfast for you that's sure to leave you satisfied until lunch!? It won't take you hours to cook either, just a few minutes of your time.

Egg whites + Oats = Protein PACKED Breakfast

By combining protein and complex carbohydrates, such as whole grain oats, you're setting your body up to be satisfied until lunch, reducing your urge to have any unhealthy snacks in between. Our body uses carbohydrates first; these complex carbohydrates take longer to metabolize, and then it begins to use the protein. The starch in the oatmeal itself will help deliver energy to your body, helping you to have a great start to the day, and for the rest of the day's activities. If you skip the complex carbohydrates, and protein, and eat that doughnut I mentioned, you will be searching for more and more snacks before the clock strikes noon, and while you'll have a sugar rush right when you eat them, it will surely not last. To find out more benefits of eating eggs, check out my Avocado Egg Salad Recipe.

Next time you're in the kitchen, grab your favorite oatmeal, I love ...

Combine your favorite oats, 1 egg white, and water or your favorite milk, and pop in the microwave. I usually use two pouches (1 plain grain, and 1 maple&brown sugar), so I pop it in the microwave for 2:30 minutes. When it comes out, I stir it, and add in a little pure maple syrup, and sprinkle with cinnamon! It comes pretty close to tasting like a cinnabon... okay, not that close, but still satisfying, without leaving you feeling weighed down!


Eggoats have such a distinct texture, leaving this heart healthy, cholesterol lowering, protein filled breakfast fluffier and tastier! Itll leave you scraping the bottom of the bowl long after all your Eggoats are gone! 

What are some of your favorite ways to get your protein in bright and early?