Weekly Workout Round Up [May 9-15]

Two weeks in now and my workouts have been spot on! Writing them down on Sunday or Monday for the rest of the week makes me that much more motivated to actually do them! It's easy to say you're going to workout and then get busy or distracted, but if you plan them out and see each gym session or workout as an appointment with yourself that you cannot miss, then you won't!  It won't be easy and sometimes you'll have to get your workout in super early or late at night, but you'll feel incredible, unstoppable even! So set your alarm earlier to get a workout in, even if it's only 15 minutes, at least it'll be 15 minutes when your body is moving and that metabolism is pumping, OR bring your gym clothes to work and head there right after! No driving home and getting comfortable! Remember, sometimes we have to do things that are uncomfortable in order to see what we're truly capable of! 

The Plan

Monday - Back & Biceps Weight Training √

Tuesay - 1 hour kickboxing √

Wednesday - Legs & Glutes √

Thursday - HIIT cardio √

Friday - Shoulders & Chest √

Saturday - Spartan Workout 

Sunday - Distance Run √


The Actual Workouts -  

Monday- I taught Monday night at CKO kickboxing, and then stayed after to do my own workout. I made sure I packed a protein shake and threw it in the fridge at the gym, because by the time my workout was over I knew it'd be 10:30/11PM and I'd be starving, not having a chance to eat dinner yet. I started off with a Spartan dynamic warm up, and followed it up with LG Back & Biceps. I ended with my own MAY You Be Fit challenge


Tuesday - was spent at the lake before teaching 3 classes, and taking one of Sal's kickboxing classes. This is usually my Tuesday routine, and it works for me because I get to go home at 9:30PM after teaching the last class.    

Wednesday  - I had a busy day with my mama, but after I taught two classes that night, I stayed at the gym and was able to complete an LG Legs & Glutes strength training workout, incorporating farmers walks with 2 30lb kettlebells, bear crawls, and box jumps in between sets! Even if I can't do a pure Spartan workout, I try to incorporate Spartan training into each one! 

Thursday - I almost didn't workout at the gym, I had planned to do a HIIT that night on the treadmill, but figured since I wouldn't be able to get to the gym on Friday night that I would switch Thursday and Friday workouts up. So, I stayed after teaching and completed LG Shoulders & Chest weight training workout and did army crawls + crab walks in between sets!  

Friday - I did a HIIT jog/run on the treadmill before hanging out with Sal. It was quick, and yet so effective! I love incorporating HIITs and interval training on the treadmill when I can't get outside to run! 

I didn't workout on Saturday, so when Sunday came I combined a total body weight training workout in between each half mile I ran on the treadmill, ending at 2.5 miles total. I planned to run outside, because it was gorgeous out, but when I got home from work it started to pour. 

Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches. 6/7 workouts for the week, I'd say it was a pretty successful week! 

This week's workout schedule is as follows-  

Monday -  Arm Circuit

Tuesday -  1 hour Kickboxing

Wednesday -  Lower Body

Thursday -  Shoulders + Glutes

Friday -  HIIT Run

Saturday -  Spartan Specific Workout

Sunday -  3 mile Distance Run


Cheers to a week of good workouts, and real, healthy food!