Wittle Your Waistline Workout

The waistline, for most, is a very difficult area to lose weight, and I find more and more people asking me for workouts specifically targeting that area. While I believe that any core workout will help you, especially when you're squeezing that belly button to your back while doing it, I've created a workout that will focus on your waist, core, and obliques. It's short and sweet, and only requires a pair of dumbbells for the added resistance. I'm telling you, ever since I added in weight training to my workout routine, I have seen incredible changes to my body. Ladies, do not be afraid to push those 3/5lb weights aside, and up those weights! We do not have the hormones, or testosterone to get jacked like men, but what we will end up with is a nice toned, and strong body! And really, who doesn't want that?

If you don't have a pair of weights, or don't want to use them, don't! This workout can be completed without them, and you'll still be feeling the burn after 3 rounds. This is the perfect workout to start your day with, complete at the end of a muscle specific, or total body workout, or even before you hop into bed at night! You don't have to spend hours working out, these short, challenging workouts will make all the difference!

What's your favorite core, ab, or waistline exercise?