MAY You Be Fit Challenge

You asked and you shall receive your Upper Body, Core focused Challenge, with weights!

We kicked off this MAY You Be Fit Challenge with a low plank max out hold last night, and if you didn't do it yesterday, I suggest you get on the ground right now and hold a low plank for as long as you can! I did mine last night before hopping into bed! It was quick, and yet a great, effective way to get in a little workout before bed. I felt myself wanting to drop at 2:30, but I told myself to push for another 30 seconds, and when I started to shake at 3 minutes, I told myself to hold it for 30 seconds longer. That's exactly what I want you to do every time you think you can't finish an exercise in this challenge, a workout, or life in general. KEEP PUSHING. When you want to give up, bang out 5 more reps, hold on for another 30 seconds, and you will be absolutely amazed at all that you are capable of in life. I thought of each and every one of my challengers, and it made me push that much harder! I hope you're continuously being inspired by everyone in the group, because I know that's a huge motivator for myself!

Below, you can click on the button to download your CORE-focused May You Be Fit Challenge schedule. If you followed our SPRINGPUSH challenge, it's a little different this month, as we will be doing two different moves each day, and each week we will increase our weights, and the number of times we go through a set. I will be posting a video of the two moves with correct form during week one. Each day I will also include a bonus exercise with a specific set of reps to burn that core right before bed! In order to know what exercise that is, I suggest you join our Spring Into Summer Challenge Group on FB. On the last day of the month, we will do every single workout from week one, in a row, but let's not get ahead of ourselves now. All you have to do is focus on each day as it comes, and what you need to do to complete the challenge for the day, to get that much stronger, and that much more confident in yourself.

Week 1 - I ask that you start with a weight that you feel yourself struggling with during the last few reps. Complete the first exercise for one minute, followed by the second exercise for one minute. Repeat the set 2 times.

Week 2 - Raise your weight up a few lbs. Again, I want you to struggle with the last few reps. One minute for the first exercise, one minute for the second exercise. Repeat the set 4 times.

Week 3 - Raise your weight yet again, complete each exercise for one minute, and repeat the set 4 times.

Week 4 - This should be your heaviest weights of the challenge, complete each exercise for one minute, and repeat the set 2 times.

Week 5 - Finish off the challenge strong with your last, low plank max hold, an ab exercise, and on the final day go through each exercise for one minute.

Digging even deeper into our core, we will be reading the Spartan Up: A Take No Prisoners Guide to Overcoming Obstacles and Achieving Peak Performance in Life book by Joe De Sena, the creator of the Spartan races! Every Sunday, I will ask questions and post thoughts about the 1-2 chapters that we read that week in our challenge group (So don't forget to join!)


If you have any questions during this challenge, don't hesitate to reach out!