Weekly Workout Round Up [May 16-22]

Is it just me or are these weeks slipping by rather quickly? It has me wondering at times if I'll be Spartan enough come race day... I'm sure I will be, but can the time just not pass by so fast?! Another week of strong workouts in the book, but I did switch things up just a bit from my original plan in last week's post. It happens though, and you make things work for your schedule, whether that means getting in a shorter workout, or working out at the gym instead of at home. Regardless, I was able to workout 6x last week, with a rest day right in the middle, but is it really a rest day if you're teaching 3 kickboxing classes? Ha.

The Plan-

Monday -  Arm Circuit √

Tuesday -  1 hour Kickboxing √

Wednesday -  Lower Body √

Thursday -  Shoulders + Glutes

Friday -  HIIT Run

Saturday -  Spartan Specific Workout

Sunday -  3 mile Distance Run √

The Actual Workouts -

Monday - I stayed at the gym late after teaching at CKO. I chose to complete the LG Jump Rope Arm Weight Circuit, and you would have thought I was jump roping for longer than 30 seconds at a time. Damn, did my arms burn for those 30 seconds, but I didn't let that stop me. In between sets of weights/jump rope, I incorporated a little circuit consisting of a quick sprint, 1 minute sandbag carry, 1 minute rope pulls, and 1 minute ball slams. To end the workout I did 20 hanging leg raises! BAM! My arms felt on fire after that gym session.

Tuesday - I did my usual 1 hour of kickboxing in between teaching my three classes that night. Sweaty mess as usual.

Wednesday - I completed the LG Legs and Glutes workout. It was short and quick, but just the right amount of burnnnnn to really workout those legs and butt.

Thursday - I had a rather emotional day at work, so after I taught CKO, I headed home. I had planned on doing yoga, but I just wasn't into it, so I decided to get some sleep instead! Sometimes we need to listen to our body, even if we have a bunch of things scheduled to do. Sleep might be just what the body needs, and it's okay to skip a workout every now and then when your body and mind need the rest.

Friday - I woke up early and completed K&K Slay on ToneItUp.com. It was only 12 minutes, but led to a quick sweat before work. I think it's great to start your day with a workout, even if it is a short one. It'll lead to more endorphins floating around in your body, and therefore, make you happier throughout the day!

Saturday - I had to attend a bridal shower later in the morning, so I woke up early and headed to CKO to get some kickboxing in! I usually don't get a chance to squeeze kickboxing into my schedule more than once a week, so I wasn't about to let this chance pass me by. 1 hour passed rather quickly, as the sweat dripped onto the floor. I left feeling fully refreshed and ready to take on brunch at the shower!

Sunday - SUNDAY RUNDAY! It ended up being beautiful out when I came home from work, so I threw on my sneakers and headed outside with a killer playlist. I wanted to get a distance run in, and I wasn't exactly focusing on the time it took me, rather just tried to breathe in the fresh air after being stuck in the hospital all day. 3 miles in 28:22 wasn't all that bad, and I was able to relax while I was out there too... perfect way to end the week.

This week's workout schedule -

Monday - LG Upper Body Weight Training

Tuesday - Kickboxing

Wednesday - Hills + Spartan Ab 100

Thursday - Shoulders & Glutes

Friday - HIIT

Saturday - Spartan Outdoor Strength Conditioning

Sunday - Kickboxing


What's on your workout schedule for the week?