Recipe: PB & J Overnight Oats

Ever crave that one sandwich you used to eat as a child? You know - that sandwich with peanut butter and jelly, no crust... because we wouldn't dare eat the edges that looked burnt! Now I say, give me all the carbs, and I leave no crumbs behind! Anyways, I feel like I'm always in the mood for a good PB sandwich, without the jelly though, because I hate grape jelly, but that's besides the point. Breakfast is a super important meal of the day - it kick starts your body, provides you with energy, and gives you the chance to begin the day HEALTHY! You can be like so many other individuals and skip breakfast, but what good will that do your body? It has been fasting for 8+ hours (if we're lucky to get that amount of sleep), and it needs something besides coffee to get everything to start working again - from your metabolism to your digestive system to your brain! If you don't eat breakfast, it seems there are more negatives than positives, and I do not believe skipping breakfast leads to weight loss. Instead it leads to your body shutting down essentially, and might even lead you to be HANGRY! No one wants to deal with you when you're HANGRY. BELIEVE ME. So make sure you eat breakfast. With this recipe, which you will make the night before you plan to eat it, there are no excuses! You can grab the jar in the morning from the fridge and eat it on the go, while commuting or cleaning up the house in the morning! Multitasking at its finest!

I've created a recipe that will bring about childhood memories with each and every bite, and start your morning off right, leaving you full and satisfied. Your PB & J overnight oats recipe is below! 

If you don't have flax or chia seeds, skip them, but they have a ton of health benefits do I highly suggest grabbing a bag from the local health store!  

Benefits of Flax Seeds [from Flax the older fiber crop in the world]

  • Rich source of micronutrients, dietary fiber, manganese, vitamin B1, and essential fatty acid alpha-linolenic acid (omega 3), as well as lignans
  • Contains healthy fat, antioxidants, and fiber
    • Prevents heart disease
    • Lowers risk for diabetes, cancer, and heart disease
      • Disrupts malignant cells from clinging onto other body cells, and lignans have the anti-angiogenic properties to stop tumors from forming new blood vessels
    • Lowers cholesterol
    • Improves blood sugar
    • Protects against radiation

Benefits of Chia Seeds

  • Packed with Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, magnesium, zinc, iron, and calcium
    • Fights heart disease
    • Promotes regular bowel movements
    • Lowers risk of diabetes
    • Lowers cholesterol
    • Aids in weight loss
    • By absorbing liquid, they keep you feeling fuller, longer

Chia seeds contain more omega 3s, calcium, and phosphorus fiber than flax seeds, but they're both incredible sources of so many beneficial nutrients! Most individuals are not getting enough of these essential nutrients! All it takes is a teaspoon or two a day, and you reap all of the benefits these amazing seeds offer! Add them in your oats, oatmeal, smoothies, even on top of salads!

What ways do you like to add chia seeds or flax seeds to your meals?
OR have you never tried them before!?