Hill on Fire Workout

The world is your playground, especially when you're training for a Spartan Race. I love to be outside, so when I can workout outside, I'm even happier - even when conditions aren't ideal like 90• degree weather. On my days off, it's a lot easier for me to get outside because I have the time. This past Wednesday, I grabbed a medicine ball and headed outside to my backyard. I had a hill, a medicine ball, and my pull up bar, and that's when the Hill on Fire workout was created! I knew I wanted to complete 20 hill sprints, so I decided to incorporate other exercises with the Spartan in mind. 

I completed 5 sprint circuits before resting for 30 seconds, then another 5 before completing Abs 100 - 10 reps each, 5 exercises 2 times through! Before doing it all again - 5 sprint circuits, rest, 5 sprint circuits, abs 100. I was drenched and super itchy after crawling in the grass. With no trees to shade me,  the sun was beating down, which made me sweat even more. A little tan, a lotta sweat, and hard work makes for one great workout. 

When you sign up for a race, you're even more determined to fit your workouts in your busy schedule, and get them done no matter what. Training a team of Spartans makes it even more fun to come up with workouts to push their limits. We can't expect the race to go smoothly, and we can't prepare for everything. Things are going to occur in the race, and we need to be ready for the unexpected. In life, and in this race specifically, were going to want to give up. We're going to want to throw in the towel, to stop the pain and discomfort as soon as possible, to reap the rewards before they're really earned. Grit, the persistence, the effort, the drive to continue and push through despite failure and despite not seeing any instant gratification, will get you through. You'll come out even stronger, more confident, and essentially happier at the end, at that finish line.

 "The hardest part for all of us is convincing our minds what our bodies are capable of" (Spartan Up, Joe De Sena, pg 77).

So change it up - workout outside, rain or shine, find a hill, switch up the weights, grab a partner, but most of all make it fun! 

If we make working out a chose, something to cross off the to-do list, we're never going to establish a healthy routine, and we definitely won't enjoy it! We'll see it more as something we have to do instead of something we want to do! 

You can do this workout regardless of whether you are running the Spartan race or not. Grab a friend and head outside - summer is coming!