Review: My April Honest Bundle

I received my second bundle from the Honest company for the month of April, and I continuously find myself falling in love with these organic, natural products! For $35 a month, I don't have to go to the store to buy chemical filled products, instead products with better ingredients are delivered right to my doorstep, and to me that's absolutely worth it. Ask me the last time I went to the store for any personal care products... I couldn't even tell you the last time, because I don't remember!

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They have products ranging from personal care, feeding, cleaning, and diapering! While I don't use the feeding, or the diapering products (yet!), I use plenty of the personal care items, and have just more recently gotten into more of the cleaning items! Little by little I'm throwing out, or giving away my other personal care products that I no longer want to use on my body - like the million and one Bath & Body Works lotions that I own, and replacing them with the Honest products. What's even better is that when you buy Honest products, they give! Give what? Well it's sort of like Toms, but instead of shoes, when you buy any Honest product, "your purchase helps fund research, education, and access to products that will help create healthy, safe environments for children during their most formative years!"

The Review:

Organic Thong Liners - I wish I picked these with my first bundle when I received the pads/tampons, but needless to say I was able to use these last month, and loved being able to pair them with the tampons during the day. They're great at protecting your underwear, and what's even better is that you don't have to worry about any toxins, because they're made with organic cotton! They're super soft, and breathable too! The pack comes with 30, which is great because they can be used for multiple visits!

Face & Body Lotion - I chose the deeply nourishing lotion, in the apricot kiss scent. I chose deeply nourishing because considering the winter is never going to end,  my skin is super dry during this season. I found the scent to be very underwhelming, but that's probably because it's natural! All these other lotions with powerful scents are all chemical and toxin filled, which is probably why they smell fake! This lotion is natural, hypoallergenic, and non-greasy. However, I did find myself really rubbing this lotion into my skin, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it just takes time - I guess that's why it's deeply nourishing! It hydrates my skin and leaves it feeling smooth. I would definitely be willing to try another scent when this one runs out!

Fruit & Veggie Wash - How many of you wash your produce with water? Did you know that pesticide residue, and other chemicals and pathogens can be found on your fruits and veggies? If you apply this wash, you're getting rid of most, if not all of those nasty wastes. There is also a DIY version, however, that I will probably be more likely to try 1:4 vinegar to water solution, which is not only cheaper, but also easier to make (since you wouldn't have to wait for it to be delivered). There is absolutely no excuse for not cleaning your produce once you bring it home!

3 Pack Lip Palm - Lavender mint, Sweet Orange Vanilla, and Plain & Simple. I probably should've wrote 2 pack, because as soon as I let my boyfriend try the sweet orange vanilla, he immediately took it away from me. It was probably because it tasted and smelled exactly like a creamsicle! Come on, you have definitely tasted every single one of your lip palms before! Thankfully this set doesn't smell or taste fake! I was then stuck with the mint one, but I wasn't upset by any means, because that one is just as good! It leaves my lips feeling hydrated, and it doesn't make me feel like I need to keep reapplying it, like the other chapsticks I've used before, the ones that you feel like just suck your lips dry!

Organic Shave Oil - Rich oils, and organic botanicals provide a satisfyingly smooth shave. This has made a huge difference in my life, as I was just using body wash to shave. I don't feel the need to spend extra money on shave gel, especially for how often us women shave in the summer, and in general as a fitness trainer. This shave oil has been a saving grace though, and it leave my legs and underarms feeling super smooth and soft! DO NOT spray the deodorant on your armpits right after though, because it will burn! Other than that this is another great Honest product!

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If you were to try only one product in this bundle, I'd definitely recommend the lip palms! I use them on the daily!

*All of the opinions are my own. Honest does not pay me for these reviews.