Weekly Workout Round Up [May 1-8]


a person of great courage and self-discipline.

I've signed up to become a Spartan, to finish a Spartan race, and thus, my workouts need to start reflecting great courage, and discipline. I have created a team, and as my team numbers rise steadily, and more gym members sign up, I'm realizing I have to up my game and make my workouts THAT much harder during the weeks prior to the race. We have a little over a month to and while I'm training the gym members with kickboxing and strength classes, I also have to remember how important my own workouts are to become stronger, faster, better... a true Spartan.

This past week I've combined interval HIITS, weight training, and cardio kickboxing. My May You Be Fit Challenge also began on May 1st, so I've been able to add those short little core/upper body workouts in before I go to bed or when I wake up, for a quick sweat! I ended up only working out 5 days this week, due to a busy schedule and Mother's Day.

As I continue to train for this Spartan Race, I will be posting my workouts, weekly. However, you can find them daily on my Instagram - @kristynnicole1.

Sunday - started with a distance run. I planned on getting 2 miles in, as quick as I could, unfortunately on the treadmill. I'm really trying to incorporate more interval runs, as well as long distance to help me speed, endurance, and overall running abilities. I also try and change up the environment - whether it's a run on a treadmill, which definitely is not my favorite, outside on the cement, and out on the trails.

After I taught Monday night, I kicked my own booty, literally, and completed Lauren Gleisberg's leg circuit, combined with her booty burn weight training workout. I've come to realize that toning workouts can only get you so far, you MUST pick up the weights if you really want to see a change in your body composition. LG's program was the perfect start for me to get used to more weights, and I've been sprinkling her workouts in throughout these past weeks!

Tuesday I changed it up a little bit, and spent an hour kickboxing at my gym, which always pushes my limits. If I could, I'd kickbox all the time, but for right now, I'm only able to get there, for my own workout, once a week.

While I had plans to workout on Wednesday, being that it's one of my days off, I got busy running errands, and making these awesome protein cookies and healthy cookie dough bites for my 8:30PM kickboxing crew.

I woke up Thursday, inspired and motivated to get my workout in, nice and early in the morning before I had my long commute to work. I headed downstairs and hopped on the treadmill for a fasted HIIT that consisted of run/jog intervals. [More on fasted cardio in an upcoming post]

Friday, the next morning, that same motivation pushed me out of bed, but this time I kept my PJs on, instead of changing into my workout clothes. I grabbed the weights, and did an upper body strength training workout. I've been using heavier weights when I'm at the gym, but the heaviest ones I have are 10lbs, so that's what I used. I figured it was better than nothing. I'm super proud of myself though, and where I've come from, because a few years ago, I started with 5lbs during my Tone It Up workouts.

Before I went out on Saturday night, right when I got home from work, I tested my limits by successfully completing the Spartan 300 workout. I headed outside because we finally had a break from the rain, and it was nice with the sun peaking out, and the cool air. In 15 minutes, I was completely drenched. It just goes to show you that you don't need to spend hours at the gym, or have a ton of fancy, expensive equipment. This workout literally required a jump rope and a higher level for box jumps - I ended up using my picnic bench! Needless to say I did not breathe in that cool air, instead I struggled to breathe! I will absolutely be incorporating more Spartan designed workouts in the upcoming week.

My rest days were Wednesday and Sunday. It's so important to give your body the rest it deserves.

And now, I say, "BRING ON THE NEW WEEK!"

Here are the workouts I have planned for this upcoming week...

Monday - Back & Biceps Weight Training

Tuesay - 1 hour kickboxing  

Wednesday - Legs & Glutes  

Thursday - HIIT cardio

Friday - Shoulders & Chest  

Saturday - Spartan Workout  

Sunday - Distance Run