Review: My MAY Honest Bundle

I started slowly, swapping out my personal care products for more non-toxic, natural Honest products. Now I've been swapping out my toxic filled cleaning products for the Honest products too! Their mission to fill every household with safe, natural, non-toxic products is enough for me to buy it all, especially when they're so affordable! 

I'm continually learning more about each product I have in my house, and figuring out ways to either buy or make products that are natural! Less chemicals in my house, the better! Most cleaning supplies are filled with volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or a group of chemicals that release fumes and gases, which can cause respiratory illness and cancer, among other things. However, you don't want a completely sterile germ-free house, because over cleaning and sterilization can get in the way of building healthy, mature immune systems in children, especially. 

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The Review: 

Laundry Detergent -  This is the next closest thing to our skin after soaps and lotions. Not only do most of the laundry detergents contain chemicals that are harmful to our skin, but they're also polluting the waterways. The Honest laundry detergent has a clean, natural smell, that leaves no artificial smell behind. This container of detergent contains no petroleum products, phosphates, chlorine, optical brightners, and synthetic fragrances and dyes. Optical Brightners, alone, bind to skin and may cause allergic reactions, rash, and cause disruption in the hormones. My container has lasted a while now, and I still enjoy using it to wash my clothes, and I'm at ease knowing that I'm wearing clothes that are not being doused in chemicals. 


Dish Soap - This wasn't my favorite product, while I loved using it when I had it, and enjoyed the White Grapefruit scent, I went through the bottle quite quickly. It's thin, and not gel-like, which is probably a good thing, but I found myself using a ton just to get the bubbles going, and actually be able to clean dishes. It was reassuring knowing that I was cleaning my silverware, plates, and serving dishes with non-toxic soap. Why would I want to stick a fork of chemicals in my mouth?  

Conditioner- This is one of my favorite products, not only because of the smell, Apricot Kiss, but because it leaves my hair feeling smooth, silky, and healthy. I love combining it with the Honest shampoo! 

Hand Soap- Again, one of my favorite Honest products! I wash my hands after I use the bathroom every time, but this soap makes me want to wash them regardless of whether I use the bathroom - haha. The smell of  mandarin is energizing, and makes me happy... Ever smile without noticing? Try this soap, whether you wash your hands or face with it, and tell me you didn't smile after smelling it. 

Multi-Surface Cleaner-  I've tried this before with my free sample kit, and already loved it, so I knew I wanted to buy a full bottle. I've used this to clean my mirror, wooden furniture, and ceiling fan (those get EXTREMELY dusty). From my experience, it works well on glass and wooden surfaces. There is no long lasting smell, like most chemical cleaning products, and you can still breathe when you enter the room. It's a good size bottle, and they offer refills, which saves all the extra bottles from the environment! 


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 All of the opinions are my own. Honest does not pay me for these reviews.