Weekly Workout Round Up [June 6 - 12]

Five days of working out is better than no days right? The only bad thing about planning my workouts is that when I don't complete a workout I had scheduled, then I feel really bad about myself. It's easy to beat yourself up about a an intentionally skipped or missed workout, or even when you eat a not so healthy meal, and it's a lot harder to look at all that you have accomplished and all the healthy meals you've eaten - but only one will leave you feeling happy, proud, and confident. Fitting five workouts into my busy schedule, that pushed my limits and left me feeling great, is great in my book as I continue to train for the Spartan Race.

I can't look back on the week with regret because that will get me nowhere. I made every choice, every decision, based on that day - how I felt, my goals, and ultimately, my time. There is always enough time to squeeze in a workout, whether it's a 15 minute sweat session, or a heart pumpin' hour. It's all just a matter or making the time, making the decision, and doing it!

The Plan -

Monday - Countdown Challenge

Tuesday - Summer HIIT x2 / Bikini Kettle Band / Poolside Workout

Wednesday - HIIT Cardio + Booty Workout

Thursday - Shoulder & Chest

Friday - Trail Run

Saturday - Resistance Band Workout

Sunday - Distance Run Outside

+ 30 burpees each day!

The Actual Workouts -

Monday - I went to work early and got home earlier so I was able to head outside before it got dark out, and before I needed to head to CKO Kickboxing to teach. I got in a quick sweat by doing the Countdown Challenge from Strong Fitness Magazine. The workout consisted of 10 rounds - starting at 10 reps of each exercise, and moving all the way down to 1 rep {Burpees, Push Ups, Jump Squats, and V-Ups}. It was a great workout, and really energized me for the rest of the night.

Tuesday - I focused on toning today, trying not to exhaust all of my energy before teaching 3 back to back classes at CKO Kickboxing. I followed the daily TIU schedule and completed the new Summer HIIT x2, Bikini Kettleband workout, and the new poolside workout. It's funny how tough some workouts are when you haven't done them in awhile.

Wednesday - It was a pretty dreary day, but I had the day off so after I got done teaching in the morning, I hopped on the treadmill for a little LG HIIT Cardio, hopped off and finished my workout with the TIU Bikini Booty routine. Knowing I was able to actually make myself a delicious protein shake after definitely encouraged me to move as fast as I could, and up my intensity! [Recipe on the blog tomorrow!]

Thursday - After working and teaching, I was filled with a bunch of energy still, so I put on an episode of Pretty Little Liars on Netflix, and completed the LG chest and shoulders weight workout. I think I need to start investing in heavier weights at home though! Because while it was a good workout, I feel like I could've gone a little heavier with some of the exercises.

Friday - I took a rest day because I hadn't woken up early enough to workout, and after work I had plans to go out with some friends of mine.

Saturday - I woke up early, early, before heading to work, and headed to the park to get in a workout with some of my Spartan team + late night crew! I was tired, but I knew I'd feel 10x better after completing a workout, especially one with friends that I knew would have me awake and laughing within minutes, and I wasn't wrong about that! We started out with a dynamic stretch and warm up, and then started on the more challenging exercises that would help with our Spartan Race { 2 sets of stairs with bucket carries, followed by 10 burpees at the bottom, the Spartan 100 workout, and ending with bear crawls and 10 bucket squats each time back}. It was tough, but we always know how to make it fun. I left sweating, but completely ready to take on the rest of the day.

Sunday - This was another unintentional rest day because I didn't wake up early enough to workout before work, and date night with my man!

Overall it was a pretty successful week of workouts, and I'm proud that I'm now one week closer to my race. One week to go!

The Plan -

Monday - TIU Cardio Abs + Bikini Arms and Abs

Tuesday - Kickboxing

Wednesday - Leg Day

Thursday - HIIT + Abs

Friday - Arms

Saturday - Yoga + Short run

Sunday - RACE DAY!

+ 30 burpees each day!


What are your planned workouts for the week?
Will you be trying any of the ones I've posted about?