Weekly Workout Round Up [May 23-29]

I've heard time and time again that when you plan out your week whether it's the meals you're going to eat, workouts you want to complete, or homework and study sessions you need to get done, you're more likely to actually do them. I would do it from time to time, but it really never stuck, not until this past month. They say things become a part of your routine and daily habit after you do it for 21 days, and I've been planning and completing my workouts for a month now, consistently. 

I say this every week, but I've pushed myself even further this past week. 

The Plan

 Monday - LG Upper Body Weight Training √

Tuesday - Kickboxing √

Wednesday - Hills + Spartan Ab 100 √

Thursday - Shoulders & Glutes √

Friday - HIIT

Saturday - Spartan Outdoor Strength Conditioning

Sunday - Kickboxing √

The Actual Workouts -  

Monday - LG Upper Body weight training at CKO after I taught class. I always have a ton of energy afterwards, and so I just stick around the gym a little later to do my own workout. So many people say but when you teach, don't you get s workout in? I always tell them the same thing, I'm only really doing a move 3-4 times, and then I'm extremely focused on everyone else's form, and their workout, and motivating them through it. When I workout after I can just focus on myself and my own goals. I ended the workout with 50 rope pulls, which BURNED! 

Tuesday - I was able to get in my weekly kickboxing class with Sal - his last Tuesday one!  

Wednesday - I created my own Spartan workout, when I headed outside this afternoon. Hill on Fire was literally just that - hill sprints in the burning sun. While I was able to get a little tan, it also added the heat element and made the workout that much harder! 

Thursday - Time for some LG shoulders and glutes, but unfortunately, I could only use the weights I had at home. Some nights I don't want to spend at the gym by myself, so instead I headed home and put on a Friends episode and did some weight training! 

Friday -  I had originally planned to do a HIIT, but my CKO crew and I planned a last minute training at a rock climbing gym! We spent over two hours climbing and scaling the rock walls. Sal and I have done this maybe two times before this, so I would not say I'm an expert by any means, but I was able to get up to the top of all of the walls I climbed with a little self-motivation and cheering from those below! It was an incredible full body workout that hit muscles that I don't usually hit at CKO or with weights, and boy was I feeling it two days later. 

Saturday - I was extremely busy at work, and had a going away party to attend afterwards, so I made this my rest day!  

Sunday - I just so happened to have the day off because Sal and I would be attending a Mets game later that afternoon, so I was able to attend Sal's last two kickboxing classes before his shoulder surgery. I've never taken a double before, and so I was a little nervous, but there's nothing you can't do when you set your mind to it.  I got through the first class physically, I was energized and motivated. The second class took a lot more motivation and convincing of the mind to make it through, but I did it! It helped knowing there was a protein shake in the fridge with my name on it. I definitely see more doubles in my future! 

This week's workout schedule - 

Monday - Spartan Training in the Park

Tuesday - Rest

Wednesday - LG Upper Body Weight Training

Thursday -  HIIT

Friday -  Legs

Saturday - Spartan Training in the Park

Sunday -  Distance Run


What's on your workout schedule for the week?