You Control You.

Control. No one wants to be controlled, but most wish they could control themselves - their thoughts, and feelings, and let's not forget the food they put in their mouth. Coworkers, gym goers, and friends are always asking me how I have such great self-control when it comes to food. We have tons of families at the hospital gifting us with cookies, cakes, donuts, and other sweet goods, an organization passes out ice cream each week, and on top of that we celebrate every holiday with cupcakes, so it can be very EASY to just eat what's put in front of me. While it's not hard for me to say no, it can be hard for others, which is why they're so shocked when they see me turning down each and every treat, for the most part. It wasn't always easy, I used to just eat whatever, whenever, but when I realized how terrible I felt after, I learned how to control myself. 


 REMINDER: You don't have to eat something just because it's there or someone offers it to you. Remember your health and fitness goals; it's important for you to reach them, and eating anything someone places in front of you most likely will not get you to those goals. If you truly want the food, then eat it, but if you catch yourself eating more and more things without being present, and just eating it because you're bored or just because, then I urge you to stop and think why. There are times when I will eat ice cream, cookies, or a burger, but I don't do this to please anyone else. If I truly don't want it, I'll say, "no thank you." But if I think about it and realize I would like to eat it, I'll eat it. I don't worry about what anyone else will say - and they say a lot - especially when I say no, they think I NEVER eat "junk" food. It's tough to convince them that I do, but on my own terms, so I don't convince anyone anymore. They don't need to get it, I do and that's fine by me. 

Don't worry about anyone judging you. It's your body and if you don't want to eat something, that's your own decision.  

If you find yourself eating more snacks, and unhealthy food when you're bored, then always have a water bottle on you, and maybe even a bottle of young living lemon essential oil. You may not even be hungry if you're eating when you're bored, or you may be dehydrated, and you're confusing hunger for thirst. Drink a glass of water and if you're still hungry, grab a bite to eat, but make it a healthy snack or a nutritious meal! Adding lemon to your glass of water also helps with hunger. 

Another way to ensure that I stick to my goals and have self-control is always having a snack or packed meal with me. Whether I'm at work, going over a friends house, or even out to the movies, I have food with me at all times. I pack a lunch every day for work, so it's easy for me to say no to buying fast food during lunch, plus it saves me money! I'm never tempted to have something not so healthy, because I always have a healthy snack that's just as satisfying, filled with nutrients, and doesn't make me feel weighed down, bloated, or ready to bust out of my pants! Keeps me on track towards my goals, and feeling in control.

If you mess up and eat a cupcake, then the key here is to move on. Don't keep thinking about it, and punishing yourself for it. You chose at that time to enjoy a cupcake, you can't go back in time to change that decision, you can only make a better decision the next time, and be more prepared when that time comes again, and it will.  

Don't fret about it, self-control is something that needs to be worked on every single day. I'm still working on my own, but it's all a part of living and learning.