Climb Up High, Don't Look Down

I wouldn't say I'm afraid of heights. I've climbed up high when I was a child, and still do to this day - during hikes, and more recently during our indoor rock climbing adventure. The adventure started out as training for the Spartan, but ended up as an extremely fun night out with great friends. 

It's not the climb, or the height that scares me though, while it is intimidating looking up at the feat you're about to climb, it's much more nerveracking trusting someone to belay you up, and then once you reach the top, to release yourself back down. It comes down to control. When we're climbing, we see a goal in sight, we know where we are headed and while we may not see every obstacle we're going to face, we know we're going to face them. Once we reach the top, we have no idea how we're going to get back down and it's enough to rattle anyone's nerves. 

We can't let those nerves, and the fear that comes with it, rule our lives. If we let it, we'll become stagnate, no change will come and we'll be stuck at the top of the mountain wondering how we're going to get down, some may not even reach the top!  

There are going to be plenty of mountains, plenty of obstacles, and we are going to have to climb up and back down each of them. 

We're doing this all on our own, sure there are people that will support you and be there to try and catch you if you fall, but for the most part it's all you. You have to take that first step. It's better when you don't look up, and don't look down, just like in life, it's best to stay in the moment and focus on each step, on the grip you're grasping. Looking at the top may give you motivation, but you sure as hell won't go anywhere if that's all you're focusing on. Leave the past and the future alone and focus on yourself, your life, that grip, at that moment. Then reach for the next one, and the next, and before you know it you'll reach that last grip and be at the top. You must release the control, hand it over to the universe, trusting that you will make it back down safely. 

And you will.  

And you'll be that much more motivated to climb up that next mountain - whether it's an actual mountain, or just figuratively speaking. 

Just believe in yourself.