Weekly Workout Round Up [May 30 - June 5]

This week was a little hectic, chaotic, and stressful all balled up into a blur of days. Sal had surgery on the labrum of his shoulder on Tuesday, and I took on the role of nurse and caregiver while I had a few days off from work. So while I tried to get my workouts in and take care of my self, which is so important, I tried not to stress if I didn't get a workout in because I was under enough stress as it was. Sal has never had surgery before so I was extremely nervous, so while working out helped get my mind off of things the night before the surgery. I couldn't think of working out on the actual day of surgery, but I tried my best to get back in the groove for the rest of the week. I'm happy to report that Sal's surgery went well 

The Plan  -

Monday - Spartan Training in the Park √

Tuesday - Rest √

Wednesday - LG Upper Body Weight Training √

Thursday -  HIIT

Friday -  Legs √

Saturday - Spartan Training in the Park √

Sunday -  Distance Run


The Actual Workouts - 

Monday - I got together with a group of my Spartan team for a workout in the park, that started out in the late afternoon and ended up ending under the light of the moon. We started with a nice warm up run in the field, and then did some dynamic stretching, and high knee/sprints. Then we did exercises that would train us for the Spartan - bear crawls, burpees, lunge walks, bucket carries, pull ups, army crawls, and more runs in the field. Our army runs and pull ups were done in the dark, and we ran back to our cars under the street lights. We left dirty, sweaty, and just a little bit more confident in our abilities to get through the race. 


Tuesday -  The day of Sal's surgery ended up being my planned rest day. Pacing back and forth ended up being a workout in itself. 


Wednesday - I did the LG Tight Arms weight workout and started my 30 burpees a day challenge. It was a quick and effective workout. I started this challenge for my Spartans, so they'll not only get stronger, working their entire body - core, legs, arms - but they'll also NOT want to do anymore burpees come race day! 

Thursday - I had planned to do a HIIT on the treadmill, but there are just some days when you don't feel like climbing on that dreaded thing. So since I worked arms and upper body the previous night. I decided to do an LG Leg circuit with weights, as well as 30 burpees.  

Friday -  This ended up being an unplanned day of rest.

Saturday -  The Spartan team planned another workout in the park, and it was incredible. I usually don't workout in the mornings on the weekends because I work, but I decided to change it up and get together with everyone. We started with 30 burpees as a warm up, stretched a bit and then got right into it - bucket carries up the stairs, lunges, push ups, rows, squats and monkey bars. Someone suggested fence climbs, and I thought it was a great idea, so I attempted it a few too many times. My shoelace ended up getting stuck at the top and I fell on my knee, elbow and face. 


Unfortunately this led to another rest day on Sunday because my neck killed me in the morning. 


I'm determined to have a better week coming up. 

The Plan -

Monday - Countdown Challenge

Tuesday - Summer HIIT x2 / Bikini Kettle Band / Poolside Workout

Wednesday - HIIT Cardio + Booty Workout

Thursday - Shoulder & Chest

Friday - Trail Run

Saturday - Resistance Band Workout

Sunday - Distance Run Outside

+ 30 burpees each day!


What workouts are you planning on doing this week!?