Second Half of 2016

Can you believe it? 6 months have come and gone; I feel like it was just yesterday when I was screaming happy new year and lighting off a sparkler on my front steps! Now we're in the second half of 2016, giving us just 6 more months to change our bodies, minds, and ultimately your life! Think back to all you have accomplished in the first half of the year. Maybe you ran your first race, whether it was a 5K, a mud run, or a triatholon! Maybe you lost those pesky 5lbs that you felt would never go away. Maybe you've established a workout routine you love. Maybe you've done none of that, but you've decided to take control of your life & that 2016 is going to be YOUR year! Well lucky for you there's still 180 days left to do just that!  

In the first half of 2016, I've come even further along as a kickboxing instructor, I've set up a weekend boot camp class with some of the gym members, I've signed up for and ran my first Spartan race, I've built friendships with some gym member, I've established a healthy routine - gym & eating well, but occasionally eating whatever the heck I want, I've started to use essential oils and replace my chemical filled cleaning/hygiene products with essential oils, and Honest products, and I've continued to set goals for myself!  

For the remainder of the year - because 2016 ain't over till it's over - I hope to establish healthier morning and night routines, all while balancing work, training, workouts, and continuing my education in the personal training and nutrition field.

{Morning Routine}  

  • Workout 
  • Face Wash  
  • ACV Drink, followed by a protein filled breakfast/smoothie to refuel my body  
  • Vitamin  

{Night Routine} 

  • Healthy, satisfying dinner
  • TIU face mask  
  • Tea, dark chocolate, fruit for dessert; indulging in ice cream when I please
  • Yoga, blog, read, or study  
  • Brain dump in notebook before shutting my eyes instead of wandering mindlessly on social media  
  • At least 8 hours of sleep, diffusing lavender essential oils  

I also plan on running two more Spartan races before the year is over to complete my Trifecta - SUPER & BEAST here I come! Along with all of that I plan on putting my personal training into high gear and gaining clients. 

Did you know that if you write and share your goals, you're more likely to actually do them?? What are your goals for the rest of 2016?! Share them below!