Happy 4th of July! Now GO WORKOUT!

Last night I threw the BBQ to end all BBQs with my DKE Spartan team to celebrate completing the Spartan race a few weeks back. While we all indulged in BBQ food [think cheeseburgers, pasta salad, and smores] and plenty of drinks, we still didn't hesitate when someone challenged us to Jello-shot burpees & watermelon squats! We winded up doing 10 burpees, and then a jello shot 5 times through, which I would advise all of you AGAINST. (HA). I also got in 20 or so squats with a HUGE watermelon that a friend had brought. So there are literally no excuses why you shouldn't be getting your workout in, even though it's a holiday.

I've created a quick HIIT, that only involves 4 moves total, and ends with a plank. Do 7 reps of each move, before moving on to the next round. Complete 4 rounds total, and end with a 76 second plank. You'll be sweating, you'll feel accomplished, and you'll be ready to take on any BBQ you have planned today!

Leave a comment below when you finish your workout!