Spartan Super Sign Up

I did it...

I signed up for another Spartan.

How can they expect you to not sign up for the Super and Beast, to get all of the medals, and complete the trifecta? They're smart when they only give you one piece of a medal, that clearly needs two other pieces to be complete.

I said it when I finished my Spartan Sprint, I needed to continue...

I love challenging myself - both mind and body - to new things. I started with a 5K, way back when when I started getting into fitness - I trained with the help of Sal and the couch to 5K app, that literally helped me get through my first race. I then built up my endurance, stamina, and strength and started completing mud runs, and now Spartan races! I'm back into training, working out roughly 5 days a week, this time incorporating weight training, kickboxing, runs, and yoga (more on that in a later post). I have about two and half months left before the race so I will be posting some of the ways I have been training each week!

It hasn't ever been easy though - from pressing the register button and training, to lining up at the starting line and actually completing the race, but it's been an incredible journey each and every time, especially the races that I've completed with Sal and my close friends. It's so motivating and encouraging when you look over and see your friend next to you, going through the same obstacles, and facing the race together.

It all comes down to facing our fears. These races are difficult, no matter how much you train for them. And while you're more prepared if you train, you're never prepared enough. That's life. You can go to school, you can listen to your parents, you can read the news and watch shows, but you're never fully ready for what life throws at you, and the same is true for the Spartan Race. But how will you know if you can do something unless you try? And when you find yourself stuck, you ask for help and it's there. No one crosses that finish line alone...  there's always someone by your side, or cheering you on, whether it's yourself or a friend. All you have to do is face your fears, and believe in yourself. Mind over matter, and you'll get through it.