Feature Friday: Lululemon

My fellow trainer and friend, Candace, came up to me a few weeks back and told me she had a surprise for me. I love surprises so I was excited, and then when she handed me a pair of Lululemon pants, my jaw dropped! If I'm being honest here... I've never owned a pair of Lululemon pants, or anything from Lululemon if we're being technical. I've walked in that store once with Sal, and walked right out after seeing the prices, even though I've constantly heard nothing but amazing things about the brand and the workout clothes from there. I just couldn't see myself spending almost $100 on one pair of pants, and there I was holding a pair that was given to me! 


Candace works at the Lululemon in Montclair, and shared that they would be featuring trainers and other individuals in the health and wellness community that were making a difference and inspiring others to get fit and stay healthy. She shared that when they were discussing this at the store, I'm the first person that popped in her head! ME! I couldn't believe it. It's easy to think you might be inspiring people or motivating people to workout and take control of their lives, it's a whole other thing for other people to RECOGNIZE what you're doing and cheer you on! Honestly, she could have just came up to me and shared that and I would've been just as happy. I'm so passionate about what I do that nothing else matters. She gave me the pants, but what she really gave me was a boost to keep striving towards my goals of one day opening up my own gym, and helping more and more people get fit and healthy, becoming confident in the process. 

The feature on the local Lululemon Facebook page appeared a few weeks ago, but I just saw it today, and I'm escstatic! Below you'll find the feature, with a killer picture at my gym, wearing the amazing pants. Did I mention that I don't want to take them off... ever? 


The pants I'm wearing are the Pace Rival Crops in the Dottie tribe white black print. They're designed for running, with a low bounce pocket, allowing room to store a key, license, or chapstick (your phone even might fit!) There's also a three pocket waistband for extra storage, even though I use a waistband for my phone while running, just wearing these pants is a better option! They're medium rise, and the fabric is so comfortable and sweat wicking that I feel cool throughout my entire workout! 

More about the pants below! 



    Four-way stretch Full-On® Luxtreme fabric is sweat-wicking and offers great support and coverage with a cool, smooth feel

    • incredible support and coverage
    • sweat-wicking
    • four-way stretch
    • cool
    • smooth handfeel
    • naturally breathable


    Added LYCRA® fibre for great shape retention

    • stretch
    • great shape retention
    • long-lasting comfort


    Mesh fabric panels for extra ventilation

    • breathable
    • lightweight
    • sweat-wicking

Think you want to buy your own pair? Click here - happy legs = happy workout!  


*This post is not sponsored by Lululemon. All opinions are my own.